Windows Mobile Wallpaper

    Are you tired and bored of the old themes of your mobile phone and want to give it a facelift? Then download some cool Windows Mobile Wallpapers from our website and personalize your mobile phone experience. The introduction of Windows Mobile is another revolutionary step in the world of mobile telephony. Developed by world leading computer tech organization Microsoft, Windows Mobile is a compact mobile operating system that is designed to be used in Smartphone and mobile devices. This system was introduced in early 2000 with a vision to facilitate users’ mobile phone experience as much as possible.

    For those who not know, Windows Mobile is similar to desktop versions of Windows. This operating system is based on CE 5.2, and features a suite of basic applications developed using the Microsoft Windows API. Two of the major and most popular products developed by Windows Mobile are Pocket PCs and Windows Mobile Smartphones. Most of devices based in this system are equipped with all usual windows applications that we use on computers. From Microsoft Office applications to Outlook Mobile, and from Internet Explorer to Windows Media Player; mobile phones with Windows Mobile technology are just like a small desktop in your hands. The taskbar feature is especially preferred in these phones as it provides an easy way to organize date, time, appointments and other important stuff.

    Although Windows based mobile phones are specifically designed for Business-oriented users, but they enjoy widespread popularity due to their convenient and user-friendly features. If you are using a mobile phone based on Windows Mobile system, you can enhance its graphical quality by keep changing the wallpapers from time to time. For this, you don’t have to waste your time in useless searches as we now offer you the best collection of Windows Mobile Wallpapers, all for free. So download your favorite wallpapers now and make your phone a stylish one!