Planes Wallpapers

    Man has an age old fascination with blue skies. Just gazing it brings a sense of freedom and refreshes the mind. This attraction has led man to endeavor to follow in the footsteps of birds and his success has manifested itself in the form of aero planes. These powerful machines dive and slice the sky thus conquering the aerial territory. You can download Planes Wallpapers Free from our website and we assure you that your search will end at our virtual door step as we bring you one of the best Planes Wallpapers around!

    Although the attempts to fly can be traced roughly way back to the early centuries of the last millennium, Leonardo da Vinci researched the wing design of birds in 1502 that propelled the efforts forward and between 1867 and 1896, Otto Lilienthal, from Germany established the first successful human gliding experiment.  Inspired by his accomplishment, the Wright brothers went on to become the pioneers in powered flights in 1905. Planes Wallpapers are a wonderful way for you to connect with the history of aircrafts and see the journey that these machines have made over time.
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