Mobile Wallpapers Pakistan

    Camera phones just after the five years of their emergence comprised more than 60% of all mobile phones usage only in Japan. You can well imagine how popular camera phones are? There is a new cult introduced as a result of camera phones. Mobile wallpapers pakistan, yes, simple mobile pakistani wallpapers. A feature that no one even used to notice is now becoming highly important. You never know maybe in coming years it can become the main focal point for mobile. Few Surveys in 2003 indicated that 90% of the camera cell phone users viewed their camera phone pictures on their handsets, 60% utilized them as wallpaper on phone screens, over 50% e-mailed them to friends, and only 35% bothered to upload them to a PC. There is countless mobile wallpaper to select from. Well you already have a lot of wallpapers stored in your handset. But you want to be trendy to have unique cell wallpapers. Then you can get free wallpapers on net. A wide range of downloadable wallpapers is sure to satisfy what you are looking for? By the way with every new coming handset there is more wallpaper added to set for your selection.

    There are cute cartoon wallpapers; natural scenes as wallpaper, spooky wall paper any kind of wallpaper you want. Wallpapers are also becoming an effective tool for advertisement. As you know there is a saying: “Seeing is believing”. And by viewing the graph of impact these wallpapers have on people. Top companies are turning to use this advertising medium for their commercial purpose. There are so many TV shows and movie wallpaper that no doubt add in their popularity. And then you can also create your own wallpaper.

    Seeing this trend of wallpapers Jamster added more spice to this feature. 7th April 2005 is a historic date with regard to mobile wallpapers. Jamster introduced living Wallpapers on this date. Can anybody resist that? The question is did anybody ever imagine that this much importance would be given to wallpaper. Just wait till you hear what this Living Wallpaper is? According to the inventor mobile entertainment portal company this living Wallpaper displays to enter in to moving action platform. Moving display will change according to the cell usage. Wow! I can’t wait to have cell of my own with Living Wallpaper and I am sure you are also thinking this.

    Jamster further stated that the character’s mood and activities are subject to change with the status of cell. In addition the user can also control the actions of the character. As an example the character will show hunger if the phone’s battery needed to be charged. And his hunger will be fulfilled when the battery will be fully charged.

    Not only Jamster there are a lot more companies working on this up-coming craze of wallpapers. Recent news is “Airborne Entertainment Rolls Board sports Lifestyle onto Cell phones with Branded Wallpapers from Recognized Skate-and-Snowboard Pioneers Vision Street Wear® and Lamar”.

    On September 7th, 2004 – Airborne Entertainment Inc., a leading publisher of top-flight branded mobile entertainment announced to collaborate with Anne Geddes to share her inspiring images in a new medium. Anne Geddes is highly respected and famous for her aesthetically exquisite taste in catching the innocent kids on camera. Now these touching images will be available wireless carriers across North America as part of Airborne's wallpaper collection and unquestionably this will usher a whole new market in cell phone personalization.

    Else than Anne Geddes striking impressions, Airborne's wallpaper collection includes: A&E Networks, Blender, Deepak Chopra, Food Network, 20th Century Fox, The History Channel, The NHL, YM, Wine Spectator and many more. It seems like Airborne haven’t left any big shot. How thoughtful! Well, well enough excitement for the day. I am sure this thrilling news must have made your day. Hmmm! Already thinking of getting your hands on one of these dazzling wallpapers Airborne have to offer. Then let me tell you that make two of us. I am sure for the rest of the day mobile pakistani wallpapers will be on your mind. Well go ahead be among the firsts to grab the opportunity to personalize your mobile the way everyone will yearn for.