Islamic Wallpapers

    We are proud to be one of the most famous and revered websites for quality Islamic calligraphy and wallpapers in the world. Our wallpapers emancipate the true colors of Islamic values and rituals. Our wallpapers define the current trends, customs and aspects associated with Islam. Pictures of sacred shrines, holy places, and most visited areas and religiously affiliated domains are all available on our website.

    Islam is one of the largest religions in the world with an astonishing high number of avid followers. People from all over the world enjoy the culture and ambiance of the religion and come to Saudi Arabia to perform their religious duties. Millions of people have come in Islam who have not only catapulted the religion to new heights but gave meaning and significance to the virtues and milestones that the religions propagate. Islam has a magnificent history of architectural grandeur, superior layouts, and magnanimous mosques that have been built over the centuries. Our site is proud to present a comprehensive database of all of the major mosques and historical sites of Islam.

    The wallpapers that you will find at our site is not only limited to be edifices and monuments associated with Islam but also has available the Islamic calligraphy and the beautiful portraits that have been painted over the years by some of the most eminent painters and artists. We also have a large portion of wallpapers associated with the dynamic and robust drawings and stellar natural habitats of the world that signify the importance and value of Islam.

    Islam propagates the importance and uniqueness of one God and associates all of the creations to Him and Him alone. That is one of the reasons why you will see a large display of scenic beauty, natural habitats, rivers, rivulets, mountain peaks, sand dunes, desert lands and snow covered areas. Although this beautiful and natural scenery contemplate over the magnitude and beauty that God can create, the objective of all these portraits and wallpapers is to enhance and agree with the oneness of God. Many of these pictures have God and other Quranic verses etched across them. Hundreds and thousands of people value the traditional statements from the Quran and enjoy the display of pictures that link with the meaning of the verses that are embedded onto the paintings and wallpapers.

    Islamic art and pictures of the holy shrines is also key ingredient of our wallpapers database. You will be able to download pictures of various night and morning pictures of the Holy Kaaba, Masjid-un-Nabi, and other important religious sites of Islam. We have a large number of pictures of the Holy Kaaba alone during the Eid holidays, Ramadan and while the world is performing Umrah as well as Hajj. We also have terrestrial images that give a snapshot of Hajj during the peak days and how the world circles around the house of god. Our pictures are indeed worth seeing as well as downloading.

    We guarantee that you would not only be fascinated by the quality of the images but also with the quality of the imagination involved in displaying the verses of the Quran.