Bollywood Movies Wallpapers In Detail

    Bollywood has become the largest big screen industry in the Sub-continent. The decade of 2000's marked the beginning of Bollywood movie influences on the western world in the form of musical films. The Bollywood audience is thirsty for melodramatic musicals, fancy dance numbers and a big celebrity endorsement since they are the key to film's ultimate response. Film's success is generally dependent upon the quality of such dance numbers that are released before the movie itself for promotional purposes. Another stunt of such prior release promotions is Bollywood Movies Wallpapers that help campaign for the project extensively. Bollywood Movies formula for success is simple - renowned actors, spicy dance numbers, superficial action, dramatic romance and hilarious comedy elements.

    Bollywood has produced numerous evergreen chocolate heroes like Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan amongst legends like Amitabh Bachaan, Raj Kapoor, Dev Anand and many more. Celebrities like them have super huge fan following all over the globe and their movies have to be a hit irrespective of the storyline or any other ingredient that critics may say is necessary. They have credited Bollywood with some record breaking movies such as Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, Dil Wale Dulhania Le Jain Gay, K3G, 3 Idiots, Rang De Basanti, Devdas, My Name is Khan, Don and countless others. Records of all these Hindi Movies Wallpapers are available to cherish these movies long after their release. Alongside, Bollywood Movies Wallpapers for individual characters in the movie can also be downloaded.

    The industry is growing rapidly with each coming day with projects reaching up to hundred crore rupees. Numerous Bollywood movies have been nominated for international awards amongst which Slumdog Millionaire (2008) aced eight Academy and four Golden Globe Awards.

    Female sensations have also made their place in the industry. Madhubala, Rekha, Helen, Hema-Malni are a few names that dominated Indian movies for a long time. Following their footsteps was the newer generation of actresses like Madhuri, Kajol, Karishma Kapoor and Ashwariya Rai. Movies like Water, The Mistress of Spices and Lagaan received international recognition upon the uniqueness of their storyline. Alongside Bollywood reaching out of its nest, quite a few international actors/actresses are also participating in Bollywood movies nowadays, for example, Alice Pattan in Rang De Basanti.

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