Art Mobile Wallpapers

    Expression with a splash of creativity, all admixed with a vibrant exuberance that has the quintessential personal signature stamped across it. In short, the perfect art form. & to adorn a personal belonging, like one’s very own mobile, there can be nothing more representative of an individualistic element that shouts of a separate proud identity which couldn’t be molded into any other.

    From Gothic Art, spreading through Romanticism & even a dash of abstract for the more adventurous, expression through the trusted medium of the paintbrush & palette still manages to captivate many an avid viewer. The eye of the artist roves through unchartered territory, finding bursting sunlight through fogs of despair, a melody in the chaos, and an undercurrent of spring in the autumn leaves. All the senses are dealt justice with consummate ease courtesy the singular flick of the paintbrush. & thus an outlet is provided to vent the emotions inside. Mere colors have life breathed into them & geometrical figures find new meaning. Indeed, one can only marvel at times at the irrepressible nature of human imagination.

    The wizardry in art is a very personal by-product of inner thoughts, conflicts & emotions. Often these are so intricately laid out that they are uncompromisingly subjective to the creator’s feelings. And its use to enhance the outlook of a personal gadget is all the more appropriate. Changing emotions & moods cannot be substituted by words, & the shades of vivid color & texture on one’s phone speak their language for them. They remain a very poignant symbol of individuality, a free rebelling spirit that has its own set of values preserved in the artistic representations. Mobile Art wallpapers thus form a subtle way of being expressive without being loud, & being conspicuous in the crowd without being melodramatic.