Themes For Windows Mobile

    When it comes to computers, Windows is nothing less than a revolutionary invention. Windows became famous among all the computer users for its user friendly interface, and mostly due to its less complicated operation, as compared to MS-DOS, that mainly relied upon complex commands and had an overall dry look to it. Windows on the other hand is graphically rich, making it look a lot more appealing and easy to use.

    Windows was introduced for the first time by Microsoft Corporation back in 1985, and sooner than later, it revolutionized the computer industry. Now with growing number of mobile users all over the world, Microsoft had to turn their attention towards mobile phone version of the windows as well. Windows Mobile emerged on the market for the first time as Pocket PC 2000, back on April 19, 2000. This version of windows code named Rapier was based upon Windows CE 3.0 operating system. As the windows modernize the way PC’s worked, it did nothing less than that for Mobile Phones as well. As compared to the preceding mobile phone operating systems, Windows was a lot more user friendly due to its Graphical User Interfaces and appealing as well due to its polished and graphically rich outlook. Windows also allows the users to further enhance the outlook by supporting large number of Windows Mobile Themes that let the user customize the graphics and the overall look of their Mobile’s Operating System. Although windows come with a number of built-in themes as it is, but currently there are several themes to choose from diverse array categories, when it comes to visual customize your phone. Our website offers various Themes for Windows Mobile that are further divided up in to several categories; one of which is the right one for you and your friends!.