T Mobile Themes

    The 8th biggest mobile phone company in the world, T-Mobile, was formed in Germany in 1989. The company is the mobile phone division of Deutsche Telecom, the primary telephone company in Germany. Deutsche Telecom has been the chief telephone service provider since the reunification of Germany and has over 39 million users in Germany alone. The company decided to move into the mobile phone industry in 1993, when they launched the first ever mobile service provider in Germany, by the name of T-D1.

    T-D1 and D2 (now Vodaphone) were the only two mobile companies in Germany in the early 1990’s. T-D1 was later rebranded in what was to be an important step for the company. The company became T-Mobil in Germany and when they decided to spread internationally, the company was rebranded as T-Mobile.

    T-Mobile has subscribers in 11 countries in Europe and the Americas. It is currently the 4th largest mobile service provider in America with over 33 million subscribers. The company was the first every mobile network to introduce GSM in the UK and currently run a vast EDGE, 3G and Wi-Fi network all over America and Europe. Other countries that the T-Mobile brand is operative in include Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland and Slovakia, with a total of over 115 million registered users to date.

    Due to the size of its business and the customer base, T-Mobile has acquired a name amongst its fans. The company has sponsored a number of Soccer teams and leagues, something that led to the increasing popularity of the brand’s images and logos. The T-Mobile logo and signature tunes have become somewhat of a trendy and hip accessory to have on your mobile phone. So if you are a fan of this massive service provider, go ahead and download some great T-Mobile Themes for free from our website.