Sony Ericsson W660i Themes

    Download latest themes for your brand new advanced featured Sony Ericsson W660i. Its 2-inch TFT display is compatible to download from the wide variety of interesting and flashy themes available online. Display screen that supports 256K colors and has a resolution of 176 X220 pixels, will let you take pride in setting up advanced themes on your cell phone.

    Wide variety of themes available for your W660i range from cute animated cartoon characters to abstract designs. You can download theme pages for your favorite movie, movie star, artists and sports star e.g. Need for speed most wanted, Kill Bill, Band Paramour Riot, Lineal Ray, Valentino Ross, Ghost Rider, Chicago Bulls, Twilight, Tyra Banks, Homer Simpson, Simpsons and many more.
    You may also download more themes related to abstract designs and nature to more commercial designs. Angel on Rock, Fields of Blue, Indiana Tux, Black and White, Pirates des caraibes, High pixels, Tatoo, Santa, Glass, Alien Anim, Suess, cross on fire, flower and window vista are few of the many themes available exclusively for your very own Sonny Ericsson W660i If you are an abstract design person who is in love with indigo and violets then Dreamscape is the theme you should download now for your Sony Ericsson W660i. Flower can also be a theme for you with fresh lilies and cherry blossoms in background your

    2inchscreenwill remind you of the blooming spring. When I had this set on me, my screen always brought a smile on my face as every time I picked it up I had my favorite Saskaykun from Naruto series always staring right into my eyes. Japanese anime characters rule my Sonny Ericsson W660i screen, giving it a persona I love my phone in