Siemens Themes

    Even since Siemens had been bought by the Taiwanese company, BenQ, it had been rejuvenated to compete with some of the more mainstream mobiles. But this was not to be for the original Siemens AG filed for bankruptcy in 2006 and with that, all Siemens mobile phones were orphaned. The bereft customers had no one to look up to for their mobile phone needs. Until came around that is! If you have not had the heart to desert your Siemens mobile then you have got nothing to worry about for you have us! For all your Siemens themes, you can always rely on!

    We bring to you some of the most exclusive, the rarest of Siemens themes which you always thought were impossible to get hands on, but not for us, no sire! One of these days and you thank God for friends like us, nay for you know as well as we do that it pays to have friends like us! Now I know you cannot wait to get your mitts on our wide range of themes for mobile and lots of other goodies but before you do that, I want to tell you one last thing that it all is free! So go grab your Siemens themes now!.