Pc Mobile Themes

    Since the 1980’s, when Microsoft and Intel got together to bring us the Wintel series of computers, the term PC or Personal Computer was first coined. These computers are usually desktop computers that can carry out a number of basic computing operations including word processing, spreadsheets and games in addition to being able to browse the web. These PC’s have now become a necessity for every household around the world and there are millions of PC’s being used around the world at any one time.

    When PC’s first started out, they were big, bulky and ugly machines. There was almost no effort made on the cosmetic appearance of these machines as they were designed to just do their job and provide the services required out of them. This resulted in the machines starting out slowly and only being used in offices and corporations. Another reason for this was that you had to be fully trained in computer usage to be able to use these machines. It was the genius of Microsoft and the technology of Intel that created the smaller, sleeker machines we use today.

    The new age PC’s come in much smaller sizes and had more processing power. With the added benefit of customization and custom housing available, there is no limit to how good you can make your PC look. The craze for having the best looking PC has gone on to the point that people even like to have images of PC’s and PC related software on their mobiles.  Our collection of PC Mobile Themes gives you the chance to customize your phone with your favorite PC menus and wallpapers. They even include PC related ringtones. So if you are a PC addict and want to show that through your phone, download one of our free PC Mobile Themes straight away!