Orange Themes

    So, got a cool friend with an Orange phone connection with a lot of super cool, exclusive Orange themes? Yeah, we know that you have every reason to be jealous. But not anymore, buddy! Guess what? You, our Aladdin, have just stumbled upon a magic lamp and the genie that is is hat your service and will grant you all your wishes regarding your mobile. If getting Orange themes was one of them then it has already come true!

    If there was one color which had the potential to be the new pink for girls, it was orange. For boys, it is the new blue! That is the best thing about the color orange that is both genderless as well as androgynous. That is the beauty of it; it has not become a monotonous color like the overrated pink or pretentiously masculine blue. It is everybody’s color and yet nobody owns it. This is one of the prime reasons why Orange mobile themes are so popular today. Everybody wants them but not everybody can have them… unless you are looking in the right places; being one such place! Now that the secret is out, do not just sit there! Rush to download some of the most desired Orange themes to your mobile now!