O2 Mobile Themes

    Starting out in the second half of the 1990’s, O2 is a collection of numerous mobile and technological companies. The company has expanded heavily since its creation and has been a part of a number of ventures in different countries, mostly based in Europe.

    O2 is mostly famous for its mobile network. The company provides its network all around Europe with its biggest customer base being in the UK. Here, the company is known as a good quality mobile service and they have also managed to launch branded mobile phones in addition to their SIM cards. O2 has also divulged into the internet market and are one of the providers of DSL internet in Europe. O2 has found most of its success with some brilliant business decisions and a number of ventures that have defined the company’s path to success.      

    A feature that O2 have really worked on is their brand image. The distinctive name and imaging of the company have played a pivotal role in the success of the brand. The instantly recognizable logos and advertising slogans have turned O2 in to somewhat of a fashion symbol. The appeal of the brand name only increased when O2 decided to acquire the naming rights for what is now known as the O2 center in London, England. This venue ended up being one of the premier concert venues in the world and truly established the O2 brand as a cool and happening company.

    Due to the appeal of this brand name and its logos, we understand that many of you would be pleased to see the vast variety of O2 Mobile Themes we offer on our website. Download one of our many colorful and vibrant themes for free and you can walk around with O2 branded mobile phone menus and colors.