N72 Mobile Themes

    Announced in April, 2006, the N72 mobile phone was one of the most innovative and technically advanced phones released by Nokia through their N Series. Nokia is considered one of the leading mobile phone manufacturers in the world and have truly affected the mobile phone industry like no other. With the most market share of any other mobile phone company, Nokia is the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. Nokia phones are the most used in the world which contributes to their above $50 billion revenue.

    Nokia was founded in Finland in 1865 as manufacturers of paper. The company slowly moved into telecommunication and set up its telecommunication sector in the 1970’s. They started out by making communication devices for industrial and army use but later were one of the first companies to introduce the modern day mobile phone. The first wireless phone, released in 1982 weighed almost 10kg, the company, needless to say, has come a long way from that.

    The N72 tells the story of how far Nokia has come from those bulky communication devices. Weighing at just 124g, the phone has a good amount of built-in memory but also lets the user expand the memory with the use of external memory cards of up to 2GB. This allows for many features such as video and audio playback to be used. Another feature that the phone allows you to use is the total customization of its interface. Mobile themes have become a popular way to dress up your phone as you like it, with the images of your favorite celebrity or cool images from the newest blockbuster, your phone can represent whatever you like.

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