Mobile Xp Themes

    Since their first new generation operating system, Windows 95, Microsoft has released multiple operating systems that have enjoyed international success and have worldwide application. Companies and homes throughout the world use the Windows operating system and we couldn’t imagine a life without Windows and all the facilities it offers to computer users.

    The initial versions of Windows focused more on the operation rather than the cosmetic beauty of their interfaces. They were simple to use and had quick processing times but there was always a certain zing lacking in their looks. Microsoft had been trying for years to build an operating system that satisfies both the eyes and the mind. There were some unsuccessful attempts made with operating systems like Windows ME where the processing power had been sacrificed in order to allow for better graphics and colors. Users were looking for something with the simplicity of Windows 98 but the stunning looks of Windows ME. Then came the most successful computer operating system ever designed, Microsoft unveiled their masterpiece, Windows XP.

    Windows XP was a runaway success due to its ease of use combined with its vibrant colors and eye pleasing graphical interface. This interface was liked so much by fans that the Windows XP icons and interface design has become a style symbol and these symbols can be seen all over the internet and on people’s desktop wallpapers. The craze for the stylish Windows XP has grown so much that now there are Mobile XP Themes available for people to customize their phones with their favorite Windows XP icons and menu styles. You could walk around with a mini-computer in your pocket as our brilliant range of Mobile XP Themes offer a vast variety of vibrant themes. So if you’re a fan of Windows XP and its innovative interface design, get your themes from us for free today.