Lg Themes

    Since the invention of the first telephone, the telecommunication industry has been growing rapidly and it has changed the way we communicated with each other. As our lives took a bit faster pace, normal wire phones became a hassle, and for that matter a new kind of breed of phones stepped in, known as cellular phones in present days. Since the invention of the first mobile, cell phones have now become a modern day necessity. With a sudden boost in the industry, several Mobile Phone companies stepped in and launched several models of different kinds of Mobile Phone, and soon cellular phones became a lot more than just a device we previously used to communicate.

    Among many other mobile phone companies is LG electronics. LG is famous for its CDMA mobile phones, and is known for giving the world its first ever CDMA mobile phone back in 1996. As of 2006, LG depicted massive growth in its global sales, which were of 64 million units. Apart from being the top CDMA phone manufacturer, LG is also known for introducing first ever WCDMA or 3G UMTS mobile phone.

    LG is known for providing top of the line products to all its customers all over the world, packed with technological marvels that the cell phones are capable to offer. LG is known to produce mobiles bearing cutting edge design and User friendly interface, example of which is LG’s Black Label Series. Black Label Series’ success can be traced by its massive sales that went well over 7.5 million units last year. LG is committed to continuing its innovation and carry on its tradition or producing high quality mobile phones to meet the demands of the customers.

    If you’re one of many LG mobile phone users, and want to personalize your mobile phone the way you like it, we have the right kind of LG Themes that you might find yourself interested in!