Cool Mobile Themes

    When mobile phones first became popular, they were thought of just a way to communicate, with no or little regard for the looks and size of this device. Then we saw Motorola come out with the StarTac, the first ever flip phone. The phone was a salute to the futuristic communication devices shown in the media of the day. That was a turning point for mobile phones as that kicked off a mega image war between the mobile brands of the day. As competition always leads to innovation, so did this image war and we got to see some of the most innovative mobile designs.

    The pinnacle of these technological advancements was the sliding mechanism introduced by Nokia and also the palm top format seen in the early N series. Mobile users started to get so aware of the aesthetic aspects of their phones that even fashion companies like PRADA and ARMANI jumped into the mobile phone market to design phones that would please the customer’s increasing demand for good looking phones. There are also many phones that make use of replaceable facades and carry cases that add to the outer beauty of the phones. The phones of today are literally customizable.

    With so much focus on the outer beauty of these phones, people also want the interface to look good. That is why we offer some Cool Mobile Themes for you to be able to customize your phone from the inside too. With everything from movie based themes to car themes, we have any kind of theme you want to use. Some of the abstract themes add a mystical value to your phone while the funny themes show you funny side to the world. So to get your phone into style, download one of our free Cool Mobile Themes now!