Apple Iphone Themes

    Apple was established in 1976 by the famous co-founder Steve Jobs as Apple Computer Inc. The company, named after the metaphoric apple that fell on Newton’s head, started out as a company that specialized in manufacturing computers for industrial and personal use. The company has been known for its unique and innovative designs and products since day one as Apple was the first company to introduce a portable computer. The company enjoys a massive following throughout the world, with its snazzy ad campaigns and bold products in addition to the inarguable coolness of its CEO Steve Jobs, attracting tech fans by the thousands.

    Apple is credited with the honor of changing the face of music and how we listen to it forever. While they were a number of portable music players in the market, Apple decided to jump into the market and created what would become the highest selling portable MP3 player of all time. In October, 2001, Steve Jobs showcased his master piece to the world, the iPod was born. This miniscule device held a massive amount of songs onto its built in memory and with the passage of time, the iPods could play videos as well as receive live feeds from the internet.

    Working on the successful formula of the iPod, Apple’s next step was to jump into the mobile phone market with the iPhone. This revolutionary phone was launched in early 2007 and has taken the world by storm with millions sold and updated versions releasing at short intervals. Adding to the beauty of the touch screen and sleek body is the fact that the iPhone allows you to customize its graphical interface.

    To make your iPhone stand out in the crowd with images and menus that represent your character, waste no time in download one of the many cool Apple iPhone Themes we offer for free.