Mobile Themes

    Mobile Themes are one of the hottest items on the internet that are been searched for and also being downloaded on a very high rate on a daily basis. There are numerous handsets in the market today, each supporting a different format for various applications. Different mobiles, such as Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung, HTC, China Mobile handsets, etc, support different formats of applications. Our site has Mobile Themes for all the mobile phones. Whether it is Nokia Mobile Themes, Sony Ericsson Mobile Themes, or China Mobile Themes, we have the all here for you! Mobile phone themes are often referred to mobile phone skin also. These themes classify the basic appearance and feel of a mobile phone's UI (User Interface). Color schemes for menus and highlights, different user and folder icons, and background images are all included in a mobile theme package. Some mobile theme packages also have special ringtones and other tones included. When a theme is changed, a new look and feel is added to the mobile phone' UI, whereas, all the functions or features of the mobile phone are not affected. They function as they had been earlier, before a new mobile theme had been applied.

    There are different categories of Mobile Themes, as there are Animated Mobile Themes, Nature Mobile Themes, Love Mobile Themes, Cartoon Mobile Themes, Fun Mobile Themes, Cool Mobile Themes, Cute Mobile Themes, Abstract Mobile Themes, Art Mobile Themes, and the list is just never ending.

    Our site includes all the hot categories of Mobile Themes that can be downloaded for free. There are different Mobile Themes for different handset models and makes. We have something for everyone, so make sure you have checked each and every category for what you are looking for! You will find new and fun Mobile Themes here for sure!