Mobile Ring Tones

    When mobile phones were introduced, this fundamental built-in feature (of course I am talking about ring tones here) was incorporated as a single innocent motive of informing the owner that someone is calling. But now with more advanced technology ring tones have converted into a more complex marketing as well as entertaining element.

    Did you ever thought that ring tones could be so important? Welcome to the 21st century. Ring tones are hotter than Jennifer Lopez on a summer day.

    There are zillion of places on Internet to download free ring tones plus the revenue generated by this business is shocking. This is just the start; ring tones market is continuously getting bigger. 

    Ring tones entered with a blast in to music industry. Maybe you are not aware about this fact that what impact ring tones imprinted on music industry? Well let me share with you few stories to show you the real picture.

    I heard two interesting stories few days back. First one is that BBC stated, “ UK singles chart will include online downloads for the first time” this will bring a foremost impact on the top 10. In the first three months of 2005, 4.5 million songs were downloaded legally to the cell phones in the UK - compared with 5.8 million bought over the counter, and the fact that the down loaders tend to be mature males not teenagers made it a more serious marketing tool.

    The second story is even more thrilling. Cingular succeeded in convincing musical bands to release their songs first as ring tones before singles. Coldplay is the first band to practice this experiment. Their new song “Speed of Sound” will be available as a new ring tone six days before it’s release on radio and also a couple of months before their new album comes out in June. These ring tones maybe named as Cingular ring tones. Wow! Exciting hmmm, where this mobile technology is going? This industry has shown tremendous acceleration.

    Another similar hit story featuring the music-goddess Madonna’s one of the latest songs. The mobile-phone ring tone was more important in thrusting Madonna's hit single "Hung Up" to the top of the charts than radio airplay. The song accomplished the No. 1 spot in 29 countries simultaneously in 2005 with 40% less radio airplay in the U.S than the average No. 1 hit. Senior vice president Warner Music, Michael Nash said: "I think it's not inaccurate to say that the mobile campaign, and the ring tone in particular, was more effective in launching the single than radio airplay".

    Actually before experimenting ring tone hypothesis to Madonna’s song, New York-based Warner Music observed the phenomenon promoting a single by another major band signed to Warner, Green Day. He figured out that less airplay was required to acquire a greater chart success for Green Day. This fact compelled him to decide to "test the hypothesis" with Madonna's album’s promotional campaign, "Confessions on a Dancefloor".

    The statistics of International Federation of the Phonographic Industry claim that mobile phones reported for nearly 40% of digital-music sales in the first major year that full songs were available over the mobile phone. The largest portion of mobile-phone music revenue was covered by ring tones, according to the research released by Informa PLC.

    I am just curious that are ring tones will be included in UK top 40?  Well believe me it’s very much possible. And trust me it’s going to sell like hot cakes. It doesn’t make sense for anyone to pay 1.5-4 $ for a mere 30 second clip. When the ring tones can easily be down loaded. I’ll not wonder the day when people would be hearing the UK top 40 as ring tones and why not, imagine! How many 30 second hits can be played in 15 minutes of course “Top of the Pops” will finish a lot quicker.

    Whatever is available in market to add glamour to personalize your most used piece of technology? It is you to decide whether you want blockbuster movie wallpaper or a hot model’s screensaver or a top song ring tone. I tell you if you think about choices, the sky is the limit! You can showcase your passions for your favorite star! Do not let your phone be boring and plain, find unique aspects for your phone to make it unforgettable.

    Mobiles have become a necessity all over the world. This specific item has also been one of the rarest items to exponentially grow into the hands of almost all of the people of the world. Cheap voice packages and ease of availability has even allowed people in the most far flung areas to enjoy the convenience of wireless communication. Mobile phones and the industry overall all has grown exponentially both in terms of services and the quality offerings.

    Mobile communication has added a plethora of new services on top of the best voice quality. Extensive gaming applications and comprehensive business tools are now available on mobile phones.  Another similar industry has grown alongside the mobile. Ring tones and tunes have also gained momentum as the mobile industry has exponentially grown into different parts the world. The cell phone industry has now been able to successfully deploy and manufacture mobile phones to further customize their profiles and tunes. Customers can now have their own specific tunes and mobile ring tones associated with their phones. Irrespective of the make and model, new cell phones all have this functionality to customize ring tones.

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