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    The world went into a trance, when duke and duchess of Cambridge tied the knot. This was one of the most awaited and talked about Royal Wedding since Prince Charles and Princess Diana's. It wasn't just the UK, but the entire world was frantic on this occasion. Prince William and Kate Middleton couldn't be happier when the entire world joined in their celebration. The media also went ecstatic covering each and every minor aspect of the event. What will she be wearing? Who will design her dress? How will they come to the Westminster Abbey? How will it be different from Princess Di's wedding?

    For years, girls around the world were oohs and ahhs over who will Prince William be getting married to? The suspense was all over, when on October 2010, Prince William proposed to Kate in Kenya and soon before anyone could smell it, Kate had the royal sapphire ring slipped down her finger. The ring was William's gesture of making his mother a part of this event. They declared their engagement a month after and the whole world started their speculations on this grand event.

    The wedding was held on Friday 29, 2011 at the Westminster Abbey. It was the same place, where Princess Diana walked down the aisle years ago. Prince William was dressed in his Scottish Irish Guard Uniform while Kate wore a white dressed specially designed for the occasion by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen. The ceremony was celebrated in a traditional way, following all the customs. Her "something borrowed" was the "Halo" Tiara lent to her by the Queen. It was a Cartier's creation given to the Queen by her mother on her 18th birthday. The diamond oak leaf earrings were "something new" worn by the bride on this occasion. The Carrickmacross lace-making craft, used for the bridal dress was "something old" and there was blue ribbon sewn inside the bridal dress to serve as the customary tradition of "something blue".

    This one occasion renewed British patriotism all across. Thousands and thousands of people flooded the sideways of the city just to have a glimpse of the newlyweds. The whole wide city was indulged in celebrating the Royal Wedding. People came in hours before the ceremony to get a good spot. The moment "I do" were spelt out inside the chapel, hundreds of champagne bottles were cracked open in the crowds. The celebration continued all the way from Westminster Abbey till the Buckingham Palace. The newlyweds were heading the royal procession in a carriage.

    The day, which involved days and months of planning, went without a hitch. The weather also played along, making it a perfectly bright and sunny day in London. The college sweethearts became the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The two made their wedding official by appearing in the Balcony of Buckingham Palace with their family; another royal tradition that reminded everyone of Prince Diana and Prince Charles. The entire world sent wishes to the couple, hoping that this Royal Wedding is the magical ever-after only seen in Disney movies nowadays. If you missed out on this rare occasion then you don't need to be worried because Royal Wedding Videos are available on Tomasha.Com for viewing. Just browse through our extensive inventory and watch Royal Wedding Videos on Tomasha for free. These videos will let you relive the beautiful moments of the Royal Wedding again. After all, how often do we see a royal wedding with prince and princess living their ever-after?