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    After a whole day of activities and hard work, all of us like to sit back and relax. Through history, the ways we relax have changed and evolved. Reading books has been an age-old tradition and favorite pass time which has evolved with the coming of time and most of the reading is now done online. There are many activities available to you while you are at home, with television and the internet being the most popular pass times of today.

    Sometimes we are not at home and we need entertainment. Whether you are on the go or just chilling in the park with your friends, having portable entertainment is a great plus. It is a great experience when you are out with your friends and you are having a grand a laugh while watching the latest comedy movie or showing them the newest funny clip you downloaded off the internet. It is highly impractical to carry a laptop or portable television with you wherever you go. The best case scenario would be if you could just integrate the video playing feature in a device you already carry with you wherever you go, your mobile phone.

    With the rapid advancement of mobile phone technology, mobiles are now able to play better quality videos and accommodate bigger files. This means you can download whole movies and video albums into your phones. The MP4 format is much suited as a mobile phone format as it shows a higher quality display and crispier sound while still compressing the file size to fit into your device's memory.
    We offer some of the funniest videos that we have searched all over the internet for and compiled for you here. From the latest viral video to classical clips, you will find the best Funny Mp4 Videos to download for free on our website.