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Funny 3Gp Videos In Detail

    Ever since Nokia launched the N95 with the motto 'This is what computers have become', the revolution had already begun. Gone are the days when a mobile phone was thought of nothing more than a device used to communicate with other people. The modern day mobile phone has developed into something much more intricate and important, it is your office desk, your radio, your MP3 player, your organizer, your email provider, you data storage, your web browser and your entertainment hub. Never have we been able to get so much out of such a miniscule device.

    Since a mobile phone is now considered a major source of entertainment on the go, or even when you're at home and there's nothing good on the telly, you could pull out your mobile and a whole world of entertainment awaits you. The success of 3gp videos in the past few years has added to this vast list of things to do with your mobile phone. 3gp videos are much smaller in size than a regular video so they are easy to transfer and store in your mobile phone, even if you have limited memory space.

    Funny 3gp Videos have also seen a rise in popularity in the past few years. With the start of the 'YouTube Generation', almost everything is on film and clips of the funniest mishaps and pranks are being circulated around the mobile phone networks. We offer you a variety of funny videos that we have searched around for and compiled just for your pleasure. From the latest viral video to classic funny clips, we have it all for you to download for free. So go and download one of our hilarious Funny 3gp Videos and the next time someone is looking for a laugh, just pull out your phone and say 'watch this'!