Indian Mobile Songs In Detail

    Our web site is home to the best Indian songs available on the internet. We are proud to present the most authentic and diverse Indian songs database ever to hit the internet. Our unique collection entails songs from the inception of Pakistan to date. Our Indian songs database includes songs from all the dialects and areas of Pakistan. This makes the site an award-winning site for all Indian song lovers and enthusiasts!

    Indian songs can be searched via title, singer, lyrics and even date of release. This makes our site not only unique but also exceptional in terms of allowing the users to download the songs and enjoy the lyrics at their own leisure. Another benefit of our site is that it provides a magnanimous amount of songs from all the different eras and decades that have changed the very influx and talent pool of singers and musicians of Pakistan. Pakistan saw an exponential boom of singers in the early 1980's that brought forth a major revolution introducing female singers, talented bands and mellifluous new lyrics into the music bandwagon. Our online database provides the entire musical history in terms of singers, musicians and bands that have built the musical edifice in Pakistan. Indian song fans will be delighted to see the availability of all singers ranging from Indian rap all the way to Saraiki singers.

    Indian songs have also transgressed the realms of spirituality and emotional belongings. Many of the musicians have been able to revive the persona of Sufism, mysticism, and cultural yore. The songs available online stems from bucolic and new age musical prowess and invites people to enjoy songs that they might never have heard before on the radio and other channels. One of the main objectives of our site is to promote and highlight the best of Indian music and heritage to the masses. This website will go a long way in promoting and establishing a reputable name for the musical prodigies of Pakistan!

    Music lovers from all over the world can enjoy listening and enjoying the various mellifluous songs of music originating from Pakistan. For the first time ever, people can enjoy the rustic musical tones of the northern provinces to the soothing lyrics of the saints of the southern peninsula. Imagine a world where the entirety of music from Pakistan can be searched and enjoyed! We will certainly be adding new songs and musicians to our list as the trends and music scenes take place.

    One will be able to search and listen to songs from Junaid Jamshaid, Hadiqa Kiyani, Ali Azmat, Janoon, Atif Aslam, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, and Nazia Hassan. Classical singers like Salamat Ali Khan, Ghulam Ali, Nizakat Ali, Roshan Ara Begum and Hussain Bakhsh are also available at the website. The web site contains the entire array of classical, pop, rock and even the oldies. One of the most brilliant singers of all times is the legendary Noor Jehan. Her lyrics, songs and musicals can be easily downloaded at our site. This site is a must for people who are fans of the upcoming Pakistan music industry!