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    The Latest New Dance Craze Is Called "The Politician" It's Two Steps Forward, One Step Backward And Then A Sidestep ;->
    Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.
    Bush on 14-12-2008

    Bush finally found Weapon of Mass Distruction (WMD)in Iraq on 14th December....
    The Lethal "10 Number kay jootay"

    Now he says "America will attack all those countries where 10 number shoes will be"...
    At the end he said,
    Maaliki muj ko bachana barastay jooton say

    Teacher Pathan Sy:
    Qatil kisay kehtay hain?

    Pata nahi..?

    Agar tum apni Biwi ka Qatal kar do to tum kya kehlao gay...?

    P o l i t i c i a n ...

    One Who Shakes Your Hand Before Elections


    Your Confidence After ... ;->
    yeh baat hum sab ko tasleem kar leni chahiye k kaheen na kaheen hum sab kee neeyat mein khot mojhood hai,

    agar aisa na ho Zardari(house of neeyat khot) president k liye apply kyun karey?

    Zardari ka naya slogan,

    Jeet k geo na haar k geo,
    Yeh Pakistani hain in ko mar k geo
    channel p ki bharpoor kamyabi k bad ab Geo pesh karta hai Geo Z,

    iss mein apko milein ghey waadey, wadey khilafian, lollipop aur b boht kuch.

    Channel k slogan hai,

    pehley lota musharaf tha aur ab zardari hai, Geo Z geo zardari hai
    mustafee ho gaya yaro mush,
    na kar paya kuch b bush,

    jan chootey hai aik aamar sey,
    kyun na hon Pakistani khush
    A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.

Politics Sms

    If someone asks you what the funniest profession in the world is, they are sure to say Politics! It’s not the kind of profession that specifically makes you laugh or humors you but it is one of the topics that people make fun of the most. Everyone you know has opinions on politics and also knows a good joke or two about it. The most butt of jokes are usually the politicians personally and their governing style. Politicians who are currently in power get made fun of due to their policies or their inadequacy while ruling the country. Their decisions or statements are made fun of and made into jokes by their countrymen and spread all over.

    Some politicians get made fun of because of their character and style. Some politicians are well known for saying stupid stuff and talking in a funny way. These are the ones that get targeted the most by people who make up funny anecdotes featuring these politicians. If some politician does something drastic or makes the news in a funny way, you can expect hundreds of jokes to come out about that incident and why it happened, how it happened, etc. If a politician fumbles in a speech, you will hear loads of jokes about how he needs to learn the language, etc.

    In this new day and age the biggest way of exchanging jokes is through SMS. If a politician just messed up today, you will start getting jokes through SMS about them in an instant. That is the beauty of SMS, you can always stay up to date. That’s why if you want to prove that you are the funny one in the group or if you just want to make your friends laugh, you don’t have to think of jokes or make up anecdotes, you can just copy some of our Politics SMS and send them to all your mates. We’re sure they will laugh their heads off and thank you for making their day brighter. So what are you waiting for? Get those Politics SMS flowing!