Love Sms

    A cute LOVE STORY
    Girl:am I prety?
    Girl:do u want 2 live wid me?
    Girl:wil u cry if i leave?
    The girl got hurt n started to cry
    The boy pulled her close 2 him n said
    U r not pretty
    I dnt want 2 liv wid u
    liv 4 u
    If u leave me i dnt cry
    Love is possible after friendship,
    friendship is not possible after love!

    U know Y?

    Because medicines work before death,
    later nothing can cure.

      " S T R A N G E "
    The First Symptom
    Of LOVE
    In A Young Man Is
    The First In A Woman Is,
    It's Boldness ...
    What’s missing in H__RT? EA or U?
    Pick EA & you’ll get a heart!
    If u pick U, you will get hurt!
    I’d pick U coz it’s better to get hurt,
    Than have a heart without U.
    1st time i saw u i was scared 2 touch u.
    1st time i touched u i was scared 2 kiss u.
    1st time i kiss u i was scared to love u.
    but now that i love u i’m scared 2 lose u!
    God Bless you,
    Your mother cares for you,
    Your friends miss you,
    and I Love you.

    Two things are never defined in whole life,
    1 is LOVE: 2nd Friend:
    Bcoz u never know who LOVES u how much.
    Bcoz u never know how deeply they care About U.
    Live for the one,who can die 4 u
    Smile for the one,who cries for u
    Fight for the one,who protects u
    And,love the one,who loves u more than u
    Wo Karte Hen Baat Mohabbat Ki,
    Per Mohabbat K Dard Ka Unhe Ehsas Nahi,
    Mohabbat Wo Chand Hai Jo Dikhta Hai Sab Ko,
    Par Usy Pana Sab K Bus Ki Baat Nhi...!
    L O V E
    Is Just A Word
    Someone Comes To You Along With
    The Meaning ...


    I only have two words for you: I’m done.
    After everything I’ve done for you, every chance that I gave you,
    and yet you still break my heart. But it’s over now.
    Finally I’ve realized that I don’t deserve this and honestly,
    you don’t deserve me.
    Yeah I still love you and I probably will for a long time,
    but I can’t stay here anymore. It hurts too much.
    I guess this is moving on...


    Love is when you find someone you can really be yourself with.
    That you can share anything with, like a best friend.
    It’s when you can’t even imagine what your life would be like without that person.
    When words don’t even come close to how you really feel,
    and even though it doesn’t make sense to other people,
    you know you’re meant to be together.


    "If my love fails I won't die for her.."

    Because she might get a lover again.
    But for my Mom,
    she Never get a son like me again.!


    When ua've so much pain in ur heart, u want to cry..
    Only person who can stop u from crying
    is exactly the same person who made u cry..


    Good Relations Are
    Like Needles of clock,

    They only meet for
    Sometime but
    Always stay connected.


    There Is No Past Tense
    In Loving Someone...
    It's Either You Always Will
    You Never Did...


    The Difference Between

    "In Love"

    Are The Same Difference

    "For Now",
    "For A While"


    Girl:I hate d fact that u r taller than me
    Boy:trust me there is an advantage in it
    Boy:Whn i hug u,
    U can listen to my heart which beats only 4 u


    Making relation is very simple
    but keeping it is very difficult..
    If I fail anytime,
    give me grace marks n promote
    me cause I dnt want2 lose u.


    My Care Will Be
    In The Heart,
    Not In Words..
    My Anger Will Be
    In Words,
    Not In The Heart !!


    A Boys Eye Is Faster Than Google
    In Searching A Girl In A Crowd
    A Girls Heart Is Slower Than Turtle
    In forgetting A Boy Whom She Loved


    A Quote By A Guy For His Girl :
    "I Dont Love Or Propose Who Ever I See,
    Bcoz I Am The Gifted IDIOT
    To My Beautiful Queen.."


    Short but nice lines:
    When nails are growing,
    We cut our nails,
    Not fingers
    Similarly when EGO is rising,
    We should cut EGO,


    Love & Rain Both Are Same
    Both Gives Our Life True Joy
    Basic Difference Is
    Rain Wets Our Body
    Love Wets Our Eyes!

Love Sms

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