Insult Sms

    Agar Feroz Khan Don hota to dialouge kya hota? Mere sar par baal aane ka intezaar to 11 shehron ke naayi kar rahe hain, par mere sar par baal aana mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai...
    Yaar aaj ka din bada fuddu hai.... Fuddu se yaad aaya Kaisa hai tu..!!
    Jis waqt khuda ne tumhe banaya hoga, ek saroor sa uske dil pe chaya hoga... pehle socha hoga tujhe jannat mein rakh lun.. phir usse zoo ka khayal aaya hoga...

    One day a monkey looked into mirror & said, "Oh my ugly face, fat nose" and killed himself. Promise me u will not look into mirror, coz I dont wanna loose you!
    Flowers+butterfly = A beautiful scene. Stars+moon = A romantic night. Rain+monsoon = A lovely weather. U+ur smile = Bhaago Bhoot aaya.
    Press Down if u think u r MAD. I can't Believe u Did That! Again? For God Sake! LORD!! Why u Still Doing it? Truth is out now! MENTAL CASE!!

    Lost in a zoo I saw many animals.. Mouse BIRD Monkey haila...! U 2
    I saw U on ROAD today. U were lukin SO fine, Ur face SO divine, Ur walk SO perfect. My HEART started singing a Sweet Song: WHO LET THE DOGS OUT!
    Sometimes, my mind asks. Why I miss you? Why I care for you? Why I remember you? Why I text you? Then my heart answered, Mongoloids need more care! Hehehe. Now, youre smiling! =)
    Tu chand mange me chand dedu, tu raat mange me raat dedu, tu dil mange me dil dedu, tu jaan mange... Bas yaar Bhik mangne ki bhi ek limit hoti hai..


    Ur 5 qualities:






    Agar zindagi main kabhi
    koi acha kam kia hota
    to aj ye jaga khali na hoti


    No visits...

    no calls..

    no sms's...

    no letters...

    no missed calls..

    I'm worried...

    kya hua zoo walon nay dobara pakar liya kya?


    Where r u?
    U r u not replying?
    I m worried coz todays paper
    I read that due 2 thunder a monkey
    has been severely injured.
    So if u r safe, SMS me immediately.


    God thought that since
    he couldn't b everywhere
    he made a mother.

    Then devil thought that
    he couldn't be everywhere
    he made a mother-in-law.


    You are one of the most CUTE persons in the world!!
    Just a second, don't misunderstand.
    CUTE means:


    When somebody who is deeply
    in Love with you tells that
    You are
    cute, beautiful, & angelic,
    I agree. That's true,
    Believe me,
    I swear because love is definitely blind


    MiSSES U..
    NeeDS U..
    Worries About U
    Lonely Without U
    Guess Who?
    ... THE ZOO ...

Insult Sms

    What is the best thing between groups of friends? The sappy kind of people would say, love, care, sharing and all that stuff but really, between groups of friends, the best thing is the humor! The whole culture of friends pulling each other’s legs and making fun of each other is what makes the relationship so special. When you get older, the only things you will really remember are how you used to joke around all the time and make fun of certain people. If that’s how your group spent their time, it doesn’t mean you were evil or anything, it just means you were a normal group of friends.

    Friends have a great habit of insulting each other. Now this doesn’t mean they are serious or really mean what they say, it just means that they understand that the other person will take what they are saying as a humorous joke and won’t mind it but rather join in on the laugh. Friends who trade insults are usually the closest and they always know that their mate doesn’t really want to offend them. The best part of the friendship is that feeling when you know you are so open with each other that whatever you say will be taken in the right perspective.

    On the other hand, some people want to insult people because they dislike them. That too can be done in a way that is more funny than offensive. Better than making someone angry at what you said to them is making them ashamed that you made fun of them in front of other people. That will feel much better than making them just angry. It will make you look much more intelligent than them and you can really show people how you don’t go for fights or physical violence but your words are enough to beat someone!

    To get some great ideas for funny insults or real serious business, just check out our collection of Insult SMS that you can send to people and crack them up or make them realize you are the superior insult thrower of your group!