Friendship Sms

    My friendship is non stop like sea
    Its trust like blind.

    Its shine like stars.

    * * * * * * * * * ** * * * *
    Its warm like sun.(O)

    Its soft like flowers.

    --;--;<@ --;--;<@


    Its beautiful like u.
    Don't love a friend who hurts u.
    Don't hurt a friend who loves u.
    Sacrifice everything for a friend.
    But don't sacrifice a friend for anything.
    FRIENDSHIP means
    To Feel someone in every HEARTBEAT
    To Find someone in every THOUGHT
    To See someone with clozd EYES
    To MISS someone widout any Reason

    Friend is one WHO
    "F" inds u in a
    "R"ush of people
    "I"nspires u to do somthng in life, catch ur
    "E"motions &
    "N"ever leaves u till
    "Few Relations In Earth Never Die"
    Want to know what is it?
    Read again
    F (Few)
    R (Relations)
    I (In)
    E (Earth)
    N (Never)
    D (Die) ""F R I E N D""
    Whether U are Sleeping
    Playing Kabaddi
    Whether U are Clean
    Whether U Walk
    Drive a Gaddi
    You will Always be
    My Dost
    My Buddy

    Friend is one who tolerates ur worst MOOD,
    Manages to smile on ur idiotic JOKE,
    Tries to understand ur craziest DREAM,
    And helps to deal wid ur PROBLEMS..
    Feeling of love+ moment of caring+small small sharing+stupid fights+shoulder to cry+to be together in pain . . . . . . Creates a miracle called "FRIENDSHIP"
    1Stone Is Enough To Break A Glass,

    1Sentence Is Enough To Break A Heart,

    1Second Is Enough To Fall In Love,


    1True Friend Is Enough For Life 
    Ur friendship has become my "HABIT" Even if u take out H,
    'a bit' remains.Take out A, still 'bit' remains.Finally take out B,
    stil "it" remains


    Friendship opens many doors,
    Each wit a different view.

    But none could be more beautiful,
    than the one that l have with YOU...


    Friendship is not a degree
    2 start & finish within 3 or 4 years.
    It is a lifetime course......
    Not just 2 study but 2 feel...


    Good Relations Are
    Like Needles of clock,

    They only meet for
    Sometime but
    Always stay connected.


    Being ur friend is my gift.
    Missing U is my bad luck.
    Disturbing U with SMS is my way of thinking u.
    but keeping our friendship is my aim.!!!


    Things I Want In A

    That Won't

    That Won't


    That Won't


    A line said by a frnd 2 his Frnd
    aftr both got busy in their livz
    did’n contct each other.
    “Missd ur smile a lot.
    bt,I missd my own smile more”.


    A line said by a frnd 2 his Frnd
    aftr both got busy in their livz
    did'n contct each other.
    "Missd ur smile a lot.
    bt,I missd my own smile more".


    I wish every relationship
    come with the
    same tag as Johnson's baby shampoo

    NO MORE TEARS.. ^_^


    Your friendship is like Paktel,

    Your sincerity is like Telenor,

    Your love is like Haleeb,

    Your smile is like twist,

    Your voice is like Nokia,

    Your style like ufone,
    "TUM HI TO HO"

    Your dressing like Mobilink JAZZ,

    My response like Warid,
    "WE CARE"


    -Kaho to do lafz,
    -Mano to bandgi,
    -Socho to gehra sagar,
    -Dubo to zindagi,
    -Karo to aasan,
    -Nibhao to muskil,
    -Bikhre to sara zamana,
    -Simte to Sirf Aap...


    Roses are exclusively for
    a nice person like U
    from a simple person like ME
    keep this rose until they DRY,
    but keep my friendship untill I DIE.


    A FaCT :

    When you are up in life,
    Your friends get to know who you are.


    When you are down in life,
    You get to know who your friends are...


    Aapki DOSTI Ki ek Nazar Chahiye,
    Dil hai bay ghar use ek ghar Chahiye,
    Bas yun hi SAATH chalte raho ae DOST,
    Ye DOSTI humain UMARBHAR Chahiye...!!


    When things turn out
    bad and your strength is
    no longer enough to carry them.
    You must never give up,
    cause when your strength ends,
    my worth is your friend begins.

Friendship Sms

    Friendship is a very powerful tool and an emotional energizer that hones and improves relationships and empowers meaning to life. Friendship has been defined by many people throughout the last century and has been coined as one of the most significant and elegant gifts of and to mankind.  Friendship is developed through years of experiences, amalgamation of opportunities, and creation of timeless memories.  They are very few things in life that remain eternal and one of them is friendship. Friendship has the spirit and grandeur to transgress time and location.  People remember friendship long after the event and friends have passed away. This is a beauty that friendship and friendship alone has!

    People ensure that they keep watering the seeds of friendship throughout their entire lives. Friendship is certainly like a flower that needs sunshine and water to keep itself afloat and become more exotic and colorful as time passes by. Friendship is similar to a ladder that has no boundaries of steps. You simply keep going!

    In order to regain friendships and create the ambience of love and prosperity, people have to keep on adding the words and meaningful messages to the friendship.  When you talk about emotional and psychological environments, it is really essential to search for the right words and powerful meaning. Expression is very important in friendship and is typically a catalyst for enhancement and belonging.  That is one of the reasons why the people look for tools and applications online to search the messages that can provide the true meaning of expression.

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