Mobile Sms

    Cell phones and smart phones have become an integral part of our daily life. From the time when first portable handset was manufactured to this day, these amazing devices have played a big part in turning the world of communication around. A big part of that is due to the growing usage and importance of mobile sms & mobile sms messages. This is where we step in to help you out if you need words to display your feelings properly.

    SMS, also fondly known as text messages, have transformed the way people communicate with each other. They have now become an alternative to regular phone calls. A lot of modern mobile messaging software in use today has taken inspiration from the simple text message. The world has become a much smaller place today because of that and communication between people in different parts of the globe has become more affordable and easy.

    Mobile SMS messages sent across networks in parts of the globe now total up to trillions per year. This provides a perfect insight into how important the world of text messages has become. While the service has brought billions into the accounts of cellular companies, it has also given users the chance to express their feelings in an entirely different yet affordable way.

    The first ever text message was sent just over two decades ago on 3rd December, 1992. That was a "Merry Christmas" sent by Neil Papworth to a friend of his. Papworth used his computer to send it but wasn't able to get a reply because the service lacked the facility which was to arrive a year later.

    The Mobile SMS service was soon embraced by the telecommunication organizations which changed the communication landscape forever. Now trillions of texts are sent every year by people to display all kinds of feelings to other people.

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