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    There are many ways to relieve stress. Some play a game, listen to their favorite music or do yoga. But what if you are at your work place and cant get away. Imagine yourself amid all the deadlines, meetings, tasks! How stressful it gets at times. It seems almost impossible to find time to relieve stress at work. Ultimately, your productivity, performance and then your health gets affected. In such a scenario a few well spent minutes can dramatically boost your productivity and you will actually start enjoying rather thriving under all the pressure. So what is that magical activity??? The answer is "laughter"! Just like music is a food for your soul, laughter is also good for your body as well as your soul. For that we, at Tomasha, offer a wide range of funny jokes including a great selection of workplace jokes that are sure to bring a smile on your face and lighten your mood. It is easy and fast. Being short and crisp, these can be read within a few minutes and so are sought by hundreds of visitors daily. Extremely humorous, our listed jokes are especially in tune with the time conscious young executives short on time. They cater to the special need of the youth, who are looking for short and instant fun. These workplace jokes give them an instant relief from boring routine and hectic office life, providing a small dose of amusement and entertainment. You can copy them in your mobile phone and make your very own collection of jokes to share with your friends through sms or send via email especially at your work place and in times of high pressure. That would definitely brighten everyone's day!