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    Laughter is contagious. When you hear someone laugh out loud, you just cannot help yourself and you end up laughing yourself. Thus, the sound of a loud laughter is far more infectious than any sniffle, cough, or sneeze. When laughter is shared, it connects people emotionally, keeping them physically and psychologically healthy. Laughter not only has social benefits, but many therapeutic effects of laughter have been observed and examined by researchers over the years. Some of these include protection of the heart, releasing of endorphins (hormones that generate a positive feeling and attitude), boosting immunity, decreasing stress hormones, relaxing the muscles, and overall the whole body.

    One of the simplest ways of cheering up or smiling, and sometimes even sharing a good laugh with someone, is reading or hearing a good joke. There are many types of jokes out there, such as Urdu Jokes, Hindu Jokes, and Pathan Jokes, and many more. One of the very popular types of jokes being shared among numerous people nowadays is known as Punjabi-Jokes.

    As these jokes are in the Punjabi language, they are entitled Punjabi Jokes. Such jokes are really enjoyed by the majority, especially in the sub-continent. The trend of sharing these Punjabi Jokes through mobile sms is very common here. Some also like to search for Punjabi Jokes online. For such aficionados, we have arranged a whole inventory of different and interesting Punjabi Jokes. We keep on updating our jokes inventory, so be sure to find something new every time you log in! You can either read out aloud all the funny Punjabi Jokes available on our website to your friends and family, or just copy them down in your mobile phone and share them. The choice is yours. You will not be charged even a single penny for this. We provide you with top quality Punjabi Jokes, completely free of charge!