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    During the current times, it has been proven that laughter is one of the best medicines for staying healthy. Laughter is produced as a psychological reaction to humor and it is noted to be contagious. A therapeutic field identified as Humor Therapy is also emerging, in order to help people heal more quickly. Humor helps in relieving stress and tension. This is because when we laugh, our focus moves away from negative emotions like anger, guilt and stress. This is a more beneficial way as compared to other mere ways of attention diversion. Therefore, realizing the importance of humor and laughter in our lives, we provide you with some of the best jokes to read online!

    While providing us with a more lighthearted perspective, humor helps us in identifying events as 'challenges’ in a positive manner, reducing the chances of seeing them as threatening. If you laugh your face looks fresher and you also feel fresh and energetic from within. Now, as we an exclusive range of one of the most talked about funniest jokes around, entitled as Pathan Jokes, you don’t really have to walk an extra mile for laughing!

    As Pathan Jokes fit into the category of Racist Jokes, they might be considered offensive by many, but our intention is not to hurt anyone’s feelings. We respect different cultures and countries. The selection of Pathan Jokes we have made for our site is completely for entertainment purpose.
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