Office Jokes

    An Old Occupation

    What happens when people of different occupations get old.

    - Old accountants never die, they just lose their balance.

    - Old actors never die, they just drop apart.

    - Old archers never die, they just bow and quiver.

    - Old architects never die, they just lose their structures.

    - Old bankers never die, they just lose interest.

    - Old basketball players never die, they just go on dribbling.

    - Old beekeepers never die, they just buzz off.

    - Old bookkeepers never die, they just lose their figures.

    - Old bosses never die, much as you want them to.

    - Old cashiers never die, they just check out.

    - Old chauffeurs never die, they just lose their drive.

    - Old chemists never die, they just fail to react.

    - Old cleaning people never die, they just kick the bucket.

    - Old cooks never die, they just get deranged.

    - Old daredevils never die, they just get discouraged.

    - Old deans never die, they just lose their faculties.

    - Old doctors never die, they just lose their patience.

    - Old electricians never die, they just lose contact.

    - Old farmers never die, they just go to seed.

    - Old garagemen never die, they just retire.

    - Old hackers never die, they just go to bits.

    - Old hardware engineers never die, they just cache in their chips.

    - Old hippies never die, they just smell that way.

    - Old horticulturists never die, they just go to pot.

    - Old hypochondriacs never die, they just lose their grippe.

    - Old investors never die, they just roll over.

    - Old journalists never die, they just get de-pressed.

    - Old knights in chain mail never die, they just shuffle off their metal coils.

    - Old laser physicists never die, they just become incoherent.

    - Old lawyers never die, they just lose their appeal.

    - Old limbo dancers never die, they just go under.

    - Old mathematicians never die, they just disintegrate.

    - Old milkmaids never die, they just lose their whey.

    - Old ministers never die, they just get put out to pastor...

    - Old musicians never die, they just get played out.

    - Old number theorists never die, they just get past their prime.

    - Old numerical analysts never die, they just get disarrayed.

    - Old owls never die, they just don't give a hoot.

    - Old pacifists never die, they just go to peaces.

    - Old perfessers never die, they just lose their class.

    - Old photographers never die, they just stop developing.

    - Old pilots never die, they just go to a higher plane.

    - Old policemen never die, they just cop out.

    - Old preachers never die, they just ramble on, and on, and on, and on....

    - Old printers never die, they're just not the type.

    - Old programmers never die, they just branch to a new address.

    - Old programming wizards never die, they just recurse.

    - Old quarterbacks never die, they just pass away.

    - Old schools never die, they just lose their principals.

    - Old sculptors never die, they just lose their marbles.

    - Old seers never die, they just lose their vision.

    - Old sewage workers never die, they just waste away.

    - Old skateboarders never die, they just lose their bearings.

    - Old sailors never die, they just get a little dingy.

    - Old Soldiers never die. Young ones do.

    - Old steelmakers never die, they just lose their temper.

    - Old students never die, they just get degraded.

    - Old tanners never die, they just go into hiding.

    - Old typists never die, they just lose their justification.

    - Walt Disney didn't die. He's in suspended animation.

    - Old white water rafters never die, they just get disgorged.

    - Old wrestlers never die, they just lose their grip.

    Sleeping on the job

    Things To Say If You Get Caught Sleeping At Your Desk

    15. "They told me at the blood bank this might happen."

    14. "This is just a 15 minute power-nap like they raved about in the last time management course you sent me to."

    13. "Whew! Guess I left the top off the liquid paper"

    12. "I wasn't sleeping! I was meditating on the mission statement and envisioning a new paradigm!"

    11. "This is one of the seven habits of highly effective people!"

    10. "I was testing the keyboard for drool resistance"

    9. "Actually I'm doing a "Stress Level Elimination Exercise Plan" (SLEEP) I learned it at the last mandatory seminar you made me attend.

    8. "I was doing a highly specific Yoga exercise to relieve work related stress."

    7. "Darn! Why did you interrupt me? I had almost figured out a solution to our biggest problem."

    6. "The coffee machine is broken...."

    5. "Someone must've put decaf in the wrong pot."

    4. "Boy, that cold medicine I took last night just won't wear off!"

    3. "Ah, the unique and unpredictable circadian rhythms of the workaholic!"

    2. "I wasn't sleeping, I was trying to pick up contact lens without hands."



    Corporate Lingo List

    Here’s a little clarification of corporate lingo.


    We remain competitive by paying less than our competitors.


    We have no time to train you+-


    We don’t pay enough to expect that you’ll dress up-well, a couple of the real daring guys wear earrings.


    You’ll be six months behind schedule on your first day.


    Some time each night and some time each weekend.


    Anyone in the office can boss you around.


    We have no quality control.


    Female Applicants must be childless (and remain that way).


    If you’re old, fat or ugly you’ll be told the position has been filled.


    We’ve filled the job, our call for resumes is just a legal formality.

    SEEKING CANDIDATES WITH A WIDE VARIETY OF EXPERIENCE: You’ll need it to replace three people who just left.


    You’re walking into a company in perpetual chaos.


    You’ll have the responsibilities of a manager, without the pay or respect.


    Management communicates, you, figure out what they want and do.


    I’M HONEST, HARD-WORKING AND DEPENDABLE: I pilfer office supplies.


    I hope you don’t ask me about all the McJobs I’ve had.


    I blame others for my mistakes.


    I give lots of unsolicited personal advice to co- workers.


    I carry a Day-Timer.


    I’ve changed jobs a lot.


    I’m never at my desk.

    Never say it at Work

    1. Never give me work in the morning. Always wait until 5:00 and then bring it to me. The challenge of a deadline is always refreshing.

    2. If it's really a "rush job," run in and interrupt me every 10 minutes to inquire how it's going. That greatly aids my efficiency.

    3. Always leave without telling anyone where you're going. It gives me a chance to be creative when someone asks where you are.

    4. If my arms are full of papers, boxes, books or supplies, don't open the door for me. I might need to learn how to function as a paraplegic in future and opening doors is good training.

    5. If you give me more than one job to do, don't tell me which is the priority. Let me guess.

    6. Do your best to keep me late. I like the office and really have nowhere to go or anything to do.

    7. If a job I do pleases you, keep it a secret. Leaks like that could get me a promotion.

    8. If you don't like my work, tell everyone. I like my name to be popular in conversations.

    9. If you have special instructions for a job, don't write them down. If fact, save them until the job is almost done.

    10. Never introduce me to the people you're with. When you refer to them later, my shrewd deductions will identify them.

    11. Be nice to me only when the job I'm doing for you could really change your life.

    12. Tell me all your little problems. No one else has any and it's nice to know someone is less fortunate.

    Pick a Starting Salary

    Reaching the end of a job interview, the Human Resources Person asked the young MBA fresh out of MIT, "And what starting salary were you looking for?"

    The candidate said, "In the neighborhood of $125,000 a year, depending on the benefits package."

    The HR Person said, "Well, what would you say to a package of 5-weeks vacation, 14 paid holidays, full medical and dental, company matching retirement fund to 50% of salary, and a company car leased every 2 years - say, a red Corvette?"

    The Engineer sat up straight and said, "Wow!!! Are you kidding?"

    And the HR Person said, "Certainly, ...but you started it."


    Drummer Problems

    A musical director was having a lot of trouble with one drummer. He talked and talked and talked with the drummer, but his performance simply didn't improve.

    Finally, before the whole orchestra, he said, "When a musician just can't handle his instrument and doesn't improve when given help, they take away the instrument, and give him two sticks, and make him a drummer."

    A stage whisper was heard from the percussion section: "And if he can't handle even that, they take away one of his sticks and make him a conductor."

    Changed HR Policies

    Casual Fridays:

    Week 1 - Memo No. 1

    Effective this week, the company is adopting Fridays as Casual Day. Employees are free to dress in the casual attire of their choice.

    Week 3 - Memo No. 2

    Spandex and leather micro-miniskirts are not appropriate attire for Casual Day. Neither are string ties, rodeo belt buckles or moccasins.

    Week 6 - Memo No. 3

    Casual Day refers to dress only, not attitude. When planning Friday's wardrobe, remember image is a key to our success.

    Week 8 - Memo No. 4

    A seminar on how to dress for Casual Day will be held at 4 p.m. Friday in the cafeteria. A fashion show will follow. Attendance is mandatory.

    Week 9 - Memo No. 5

    As an outgrowth of Friday's seminar, a 14-member Casual Day Task Force has been appointed to prepare guidelines for proper casual-day dress.

    Week 14 - Memo No. 6

    The Casual Day Task Force has now completed a 30-page manual entitled "Relaxing Dress Without Relaxing Company Standards." A copy has been distributed to every employee. Please review the chapter "You Are What You Wear" and consult the "home casual" versus "business casual" checklist before leaving for work each Friday. If you have doubts about the appropriateness of an item of clothing, contact your CDTF representative before 7 a.m. on Friday.

    Week 18 - Memo No. 7

    Our Employee Assistant Plan (EAP) has now been expanded to provide support for psychological counseling for employees who may be having difficulty adjusting to Casual Day.

    Week 20 - Memo No. 8

    Due to budget cuts in the HR Department we are no longer able to effectively support or manage Casual Day. Casual Day will be discontinued, effective immediately.

    Describe Professions

    What does your profession say about you?

    1. MARKETING - You are ambitious yet stupid. You chose a marketing degree to avoid having to study in college, concentrating instead on drinking and socializing which is pretty much what your job responsibilities are now. Least compatible with Sales.

    2. SALES - Laziest of all signs, often referred to as "marketing without a degree." You are also self-centered and paranoid. Unless someone calls you and begs you to take their money, you like to avoid contact with customers so you can "concentrate on the big picture." You seek admiration for your golf game throughout your life.

    3. TECHNOLOGY - Unable to control anything in your personal life, you are instead content to completely control everything that happens at your workplace. Often even YOU don't understand what you are saying but who the hell can tell. It is written that Geeks shall inherit the Earth.

    4. ENGINEERING - One of only two signs that actually studied in school. It is said that ninety percent of all Personal Ads are placed by engineers. You can be happy with yourself; your office is full of all the latest "ergo dynamic" gadgets. However, we all know what is really causing your "carpal tunnel syndrome."

    5. ACCOUNTING - The only other sign that studied in school. You are mostly immune from office politics. You are the most feared person in the organization; combined with your extreme organizational traits, the majority of rumors concerning you say that you are completely insane.

    6. HUMAN RESOURCES - Ironically, given your access to confidential information, you tend to be the biggest gossip within the organization. Possibly the only other person that does less work than marketing, you are unable to return any calls today because you have to get a haircut, have lunch AND then mail a letter.

    7. MANAGEMENT/MIDDLE MANAGEMENT - Catty, cut-throat, yet completely spineless, you are destined to remain at your current job for the rest of your life. Unable to make a single decision you tend to measure your worth by the number of meetings you can schedule for yourself. Best suited to marry other "Middle Managers" as everyone in you social circle is a "Middle Manager."

    8. SENIOR MANAGEMENT - (See above - Same sign, different title)

    9. CUSTOMER SERVICE - Bright, cheery, positive, you are a fifty-cent cab ride from taking your own life. As children very few of you asked your parents for a little cubicle for your room and a headset so you could pretend to play "Customer Service." Continually passed over for promotions, your best bet is to sleep with your manager.

    10. CONSULTANT - Lacking any specific knowledge, you use acronyms to avoid revealing your utter lack of experience. You have convinced yourself that your "skills" are in demand and that you could get a higher paying job with any other organization in a heartbeat. You will spend an eternity contemplating these career opportunities without ever taking direct action.

    11. RECRUITER, "HEADHUNTER" - As a "person" that profits from the success of others, you are disdained by most people who actually work for a living. Paid on commission and susceptible to alcoholism, your ulcers and frequent heart attacks correspond directly with fluctuations in the stock market.

    12. PARTNER, PRESIDENT, CEO - You are brilliant or lucky. Your inability to figure out complex systems such as the fax machine suggest the latter.

    13. GOVERNMENT WORKER - Paid to take days off. Government workers are genius inventors, like the invention of new Holidays. They usually suffer from deep depression or anxiety and usually commit serious crimes while on the job... Thus the term "GO POSTAL"

    Letters to Landlord

    Excerpts from actual letters sent to landlords

    The toilet is blocked and we cannot bathe the children until it is cleared.

    I want some repairs done to my stove as it has backfires and burnt my knob off.

    This is to let you know that there is a smell coming from the man next door.

    The toilet seat is cracked: where do I stand?

    I am writing on behalf of my sink, which is running away from the wall.

    I request your permission to remove my drawers in the kitchen.

    Our lavatory seat is broken in half and is now in three pieces.

    The person next door has a large erection in his back garden, which is unsightly and dangerous.

    Will you please send someone to mend our cracked sidewalk? Yesterday my wife tripped on it and is now pregnant.

    Our kitchen floor is very damp, we have two children and would like a third, so will you please send someone to do something about it.

    Will you please send a man to look at my water? It is a funny color and not fit to drink.

    Would you please send a man to repair my downspout? I am an old-age pensioner and need it straight away.

    Could you please send someone to fix our bath tap? My wife got her toe stuck in it and it is very uncomfortable for us.

    I want to complain about the farmer across the road. Every morning at 5:30 his cock wakes me up, and it is getting too much.

    When the workmen were here, they put their tools in my wife's new drawers and made a mess. Please send men with clean tools to finish the job and keep my wife happy.

    Useful Work Phrases


    I like you. You remind me of when I was young and stupid.

    I'm not being rude. You're just insignificant.

    I'm already visualizing the duct tape over your mouth.

    It might look like I'm doing nothing, but at the cellular level I'm really quite busy.

    Thank you. We're all refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view.

    The fact that no one understands you doesn't mean you're an artist

    Any connection between your reality and mine is purely coincidental

    I have plenty of talent and vision. I just don't care.

    I will always cherish the initial misconceptions I had about you.

    It's a thankless job, but I've got a lot of Karma to burn off.

    Yes, I am an agent of Satan, but my duties are largely ceremonial.

    No, my powers can only be used for good.

    How about never? Is never good for you?

    I'm really easy to get along with once you people learn to worship me

    You sound reasonable...Time to up my medication

    I'll try being nicer if you'll try being smarter.

    I don't work here. I'm a consultant.

    Who me? I just wander from room to room.

    My toys! My toys! I can't do this job without my toys!

    At least I have a positive attitude about my destructive habits.

    You are validating my inherent mistrust of strangers.

    I see you've set aside this special time to humiliate yourself in public.

    Someday, we'll look back on this, laugh nervously and change the subject.

    Selling War Insurance

    Airman Jones was assigned to the induction center where he was to advise new recruits about their government benefits, especially their GI insurance.

    It wasn't long before Captain Smith noticed that Airman Jones had almost a 100% record for insurance sales, which had never happened before.

    Rather than ask about this, the Captain stood in the back of the room and listened to Jones's sales pitch. Jones explained the basics of the GI Insurance to the new recruits, and then said:

    "If you have GI Insurance and go into battle and are killed, the government has to pay $200,000 to your beneficiaries. If you don't have GI insurance, and you go into battle and get killed, the government has to pay only a maximum of $6000."

    "Now," he concluded," which bunch do you think they are going to send into battle first?

Office Jokes In Detail

    It is a fact that human beings love to laugh. It feels good when we laugh. An average adult laughs 17 times a day in general. But did you know we are the only species that can laugh? Strange… right? Laughter is in fact a compound response, involving many of the same skills used in resolving problems.

    Laughter not only binds people together by increasing happiness and intimacy, but it also produces healthy physical changes in the body. There are many positive effects of humor and laughter, such as it strengthens your immune system, diminishes pain, boosts your energy, and protects you from the damaging effects of stress. And the best part is that this precious medicine is actually fun, easy to use, and absolutely free!

    Jokes are considered best for putting a smile on someone’s face. Today, there are numerous types of jokes falling into different categories. People from all walks of life like to enjoy some lighthearted humor with loved ones, or even alone. One of the top subjects of jokes has always been Professional humor. This type of humor includes caricatured depictions of certain professions such as lawyers, teachers and in-jokes told by professionals to each other in offices. These can be called Office-Jokes.The office environment can get very stressful at times. At such times, these jokes tend to relax the employees. Office Jokes are a great way of releasing tension and relieving stress. It has been proved that humor helps largely in lightening your burdens, inspiring your hopes, connecting you to others, while keeping you focused, grounded, and alert. Therefore, to keep you relaxed during office hours, or even afterwards, our website has a comprehensive list of Office-Jokes for you! Just browse through and have a great time reading some of the funniest Office Jokes online!