Kids Jokes

    Q. Why did the silly kid stand on his head?
    A. His feet were tired!

    Q. What is a myth?
    A. A female moth!

    Q. Why did the stupid racing driver make ten pit stops during the race?
    A. He was asking for directions!

    Q. What is the fruitiest lesson?
    A. History, because it's full of dates!

    Q. Why were the early days of history called the dark ages?
    A. Because there were so many knights!

    Q. What's black and white all over and difficult?
    A. An exam paper!

    Q. Why do bees hum?
    A. Because they've forgotten the words!

    Q. What is cleverer than a talking cat?
    A. A spelling bee!

    Q. How do you know that cats are sensitive creatures?
    A. They never cry over spilt milk!

    Q. What is a parrot's favorite game?
    A. Hide and Speak!

Kids Jokes In Detail

    Kids are just lovely! We adore them, we love to play with them and we simply like reading bedtime stories to them. The affection which we have for kids translates into energies which we can apply in our practical lives. The fun element is always there with kids engaging in naughty activities and the elders making fool of themselves while babysitting for them. With the offering of Kids Jokes, you will uncover the many merry moments that surround the world of kids. You will find yourself falling into the sea of smiles easing your worries away!

    The purity of the kids will touch your hearts once you start receiving Kids Jokes. A kid was sitting in Santa’s lap, who asked what he wanted for Christmas. The kid replied with a stare, “Santa, didn’t you receive my email?”

    You will just fall in love with the cute antics of the kids with Kids Jokes. One day a girl from third-grade came home and told her mom that she loved a class-mate and wanted to marry her. Mom asked whether he had a job and the girl said: “Yes, he rubs out the blackboard in the class!” J

    Kids Jokes tell you about the innocence of kids. Well not always! Two kids were chatting with each other. One kid said that he was really worried because his father worked 12 hours a day to provide for the family while his mother spent the whole day caring for the house. The other kid said that was ideal. The first kid said: “Yes, but I am worried if they try to escape!”

    There are even lighter stories and jokes waiting for you once you start getting Kids Jokes. Smiles will become a part of you, so book your subscription soon!