Hindu Jokes

    Tali Ram's Son returns home to his father, very proud and says,
    Papa, today we had to count at school, and all other students could only count to five but I could count to ten.'
    Yes, my son. That is because you are a Hindu,' says the father.

    The next day Tali Ram's son returns again.
    Papa, today we had to recite the alphabet, all other kids could reach only up to F but I could reach K.'
    Yes, my son. That is because you are a Hindu,' replies the father.

    The next day the son returns and says,
    Today we had sports class. I could run much faster than all the other kids in my class.
    Is that because i am a Hindu?'
    Whereupon the father replies, `No, my son. That is because you are already 25 years

    Mallika Sharaawat arrived at a Railway Station for a shooting.
    Bhikhari: Behanji 1 rupiya dedo.
    Malika gave him 1000 Rs.
    Secretary: Why u gave him 1000 Rs..?
    Malika: Pehli bar kisine behan kaha!

    Ek Hindu ki Lottery Mai PARIS ka Tour Nikla
    Usne apni BV ko phone kya:
    “Janu mere Sath Paris chalo gi?”

    BV Khushi se boli:
    “Yes, Bilkul, Paris Jana to mera khuwab tha,
    Zarur chalu gi.

    Aap kon bol rhe hain?”

    1 charsi dusre se: Tujay pata hay bhaarat aur hindustan may jang ho rahi hay.
    2nd charsi:
    shukar hay india beech may nahi ayea warna bohat tabahi hoti.

    During a Domestic Quarrel Hindu ji hid himself under a bed.
    At last his wife found him out. She asked him to come out.
    He replied: "I am not afraid of you.
    After all I am a man. If I say I won't come out, I won't.

    Hindi Lawyer to Gujarati: "Gita pe haath rakhkar kaho ke...... "
    Gujarati : "Yeh kya, Sita pe haath lagaya to court mein Bulaya. Ab fir Gita pe haath!!"

    Believe it or not, but its true.
    Gandhi went to gym at the age of 24.
    One of his friend said,"Wah bapu, kya body hai".
    Tabhi se bapu ne shirt pehenna chor diya.

    Principal - batao Shivji ka dhanush kisne toda tha.
    Boy - Ghabrakar, Sir! such keh raha hoon maine nahi toda.
    Principal - Master Sahab! aap kya padha rahe hain bachon ko.
    Master - Sir! ye theek kah raha hai,isne dhanush nahi toda.
    Ye to kal school hi nahi aaya tha.

    Osama to Amitabh: How are you??
    Amitabh: Bas kabhi khushi kabhi Gum
    Aur aap??
    Osama: Bas kabhi Gola kabhi Bum.

    Vidai k baad bahu ky ghar aane pe saas ne kaha
    "beti aaj se mujhe ma or apne sasur ko papa kehna"..
    sham ko pati k aany par biwi boli,
    Maa! bhaiya aa gaye...

Hindu Jokes In Detail

    Jokes have been amusing and entertaining people of all races and cultures for centuries now. Research shows that jokes are being used even before the making of our oldest historical records. The main purpose of telling or sharing a joke with someone is to produce laughter, and to portray human deficiencies in a funny way.
    When waiting for someone, or just sitting alone, or with friends in a group even, jokes tend to spread a sense of joy among the listeners, lightening everyone’s mood.  Jokes have always proven to be the easiest way to make cheer up someone.

    There are many types of jokes and most of the jokes fit into more than just one category. Ethnic Jokes is one of the many types of jokes. These types of jokes make use of ethnic stereotypes and are often racist and frequently considered offensive. Hindu Jokes is one category of ethnic/religious jokes.

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