Windows Mobile Games

    You have some free time at your disposal but you are not sure of how to pass it. Perhaps an indoor game would be an answer to your boredom. With Windows Mobile Games now a different kind of excitement awaits you. You would simply run to install Windows Mobile Games on your mobile phone once you know how much fun these games are. Some of these games are:

    All you need is a space of 200 KB on your mobile phone for this wonderful Windows Mobile version of a game that has been in the market since so long. It is definitely worth installing!

    If you have played the 8-bit Super Mario game, then get ready for something which you would love spending hours at. This windows mobile game has coin-snatching sounds and iconic jump which will make you forget yourself for a while!

    The Windows game, Minesweeper has been there for a while but wait, things just got better! Now the mobile version of this game by the name BombSquad is available for you to install as well.

    Break My Bricks:
    This game was primarily designed for the HTC Touch Pro, but it can work otherwise also. With increasing levels of difficulty and alternating options for sound, vibration and ball speeds, you can have the promise of a great time.

    The classic plastic bubble game has now become a mobile phone accessory. Its graphics are awesome besides featuring an authentic 'pop'

    If you ever run after butterflies in real life then this game will captivate you! You have to make sets of three or more bubbles to rescue butterflies in this addictive game.

    Crazy Matrix:
    In this puzzle game, you have to get as many lights glowing as you can and forget the rest!

    More Windows Mobile Games are waiting for you, so get them installed at and get going!