Street Fighter Mobile Games

    The games that can be played on your handsets or device are known as Mobile Games. Some of the games are already installed on it; whereas, the rest can be installed by various other ways, such as by downloading them from the internet or getting them installed on your mobile phone through cable, Bluetooth/Infrared or memory card. There is a huge world of Mobile Games out there, especially on the internet. This is mainly because of the fact that Mobile Games have proven to be a great activity, especially in times of stress for diverting the attention, or to pass the time when waiting for someone, or something. Even otherwise, playing Mobile Games for just fun sake has also largely been observed, and it has often resulted in an addiction for many!

    There are many types and genres of games available. Most of the popular video games have especially been made for the mobile phones' software too. One of these games includes the Street Fighter Mobile Games. Many versions of it have been released on the video game level; whereas, for mobile phones, the game hasn't done badly too! Two versions of it have been released:

    Street Fighter 1

    Street Fighter 2

    Street Fighter Game has always been the favorite of millions from all around the globe. In fact, the Street Fighter II (2) even became one of the favorites during the 1990s era. Now, this game is once again creating waves, i.e. in the industry of Mobile Games. Our site has both the versions of this game, which you can download for free!

    So, quickly download the Street Fighter Mobile Games on your mobile phone and get ready for some real action with Ryu and Ken (the stars of the game)!.