I Runner Mobile Games In Detail

    Mobile phone games can be very fun and addicting. The right quality, graphics and content can attract anyone into becoming a gamer. The sudden popularity of cell phone games has boosted an entire industry. Video game lovers now do not only stick to Play Stations and X Boxes. Games such as “Angry Birds”, the “I-Runner Game” and “Fruit Ninja” have made a gamer out of the most unexpected people. Face it, you too have played a game on your phone to take a break from a tedious task at work. Or if you are a student, you have definitely clicked away on your cell phone under the table to escape the boring lecture.

    Some games are compatible only with the model of the phone they come in. But if you want to enjoy a game with all your friends no matter what your model of phone is, why not try I Runner? It is a game compatible with Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola, even the iPhone. Moreover, the I Runner Game comes in a variety of different versions, all of which are now available on our site. These versions are fast paced, and games are based on running as the name suggests. The graphics are excellent, making the game even more enjoyable. Better yet, our site is offering free downloads now.

    I Runner consists of the main character, Mr. I, who runs as fast as he can to get to his destination. The gamer must catch as many batteries as it is possible to get along the way and avoid all the hurdles that would come in the way. I Runner can also be personalized by selecting different attire for the character or changing the tempo to what is most comfortable for you. Take some time off to enjoy this fun game.