Pacman Mobile Games

    When you think of traditional video games, Pacman Mobile Games naturally top the list. Pacman is an arcade game that was first marketed in Japan in 1980 being created by Namco. Its popularity has not lessened in the USA ever since its release. It is reckoned as one of the classics of the medium worldwide and strongly reminiscent of the 1980s period. As soon as it was released, the game entered households becoming a social trend earning big capital. Later on, it inspired the production of an animated TV series, as well as some music.

    Prior to release of Pacman, the video games revolved around space games like Asteroids, Defender or Space Invaders. Pacman Mobile Games brought an innovation to the world of fun, catering to the tastes of both genders. It is considered a milestone in video game history, easily gaining ground as the most famous arcade games of all time. The character has appeared in more than thirty officially licensed game sequels, besides being featured in numerous clones and bootlegs. An average American consumer has the highest brand recall of Pacman compared to any other game.

    A maze has been laid out and the player has to control Pacman over-riding pac-dots. Pacman progresses to the other stage once all dots expire. In hot pursuit of Pacman, are four ghosts who make Pacman lose one life when they catch him. The game ends when all lives are gone. When the player achieves 10,000 points, a bonus life is awarded to Pac-Man. The corners of the maze have four blinking dots known as power pellets that serve Pac-Man with the functionality to destroy the ghosts. The four ghosts turn around when a power pellet is eaten. These and the many other antics add color to this game.

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