P910i Mobile Games

    “Smart” phones are all the rage nowadays. With the launch of the iPhone and Android devices all around, smart devices have gone from truly business devices to becoming entertainment centers of their own. While RIM started the whole smart phone concept with the Blackberry that was one of the first phones to include PC standard processing power and memory, other companies have since jumped on the bandwagon and have created many successful smart phones. A smart phone is basically a handheld computer that can perform many tasks in addition to making phone calls and sending text messages. Emailing, scheduling, organizing, etc are one of the main reasons people first got hooked on to using smart phones. The phones nowadays can do much more than that with full internet features including streaming videos.

    The main thing about smart phones is their design. These phones previously always had a QWERTY style keyboard but now we are seeing smart phones with touch screens.  The phone that started all the fuss and was one of the first phones to have an active touch screen was the Sony Ericsson P910i. This phone was released in 2004 and it took the world by storm as its impressive features like handwriting recognition and a highly responsive 256k color touch screen were a new discovery for the mobile phone using word. The powerful processor and abundant memory of the phone made it a hot favorite amongst the technology industry.

    Apart from its obvious usage in the business community, the P910i was a really big step forward as far as handheld multimedia was concerned. The phone had enough space to fill it up with songs and videos and it also made the touch screen gaming method popular. Games that are designed for the P910i are distinct in their playability due to the fact that they aren’t simply played by pressing buttons on your keypad but you can actually control all the action by touching the screen with a stylus or even just your hands. If you own this fantastic gadget and want to load it up with hours of fun, just have a look through our versatile collection of P910i Games and you will be tapping away for ages!