Mobile Snake Games

    The mobile snake games are as old as monochrome handsets but nobody ever gets tired of them. The Snake trying to eat the food and shying away from bricks has always been the most addictive games of all times. The snake games keep coming back with new variations to keep everyone entertained. The advance 3 D animation has improved the graphics of the game but the basic ideology is same and that’s what keeps it exciting.

    The swirly snake eating away all the hurdles to make his way to the next level is an amusing scene to watch. The added graphic and visual innovation adds more surprises and harder hurdles to fulfill. The game was first originated in mid 70s by arcade games. The game was first video game but once associated with Nokia it became the rage of all times. The earlier version of the game was known as the worm but later on snake was name associated with it. The most popular mobile snake games include Snake, Snake II, Snake Xenzia, Snake EX, Snake EX2, Snakes, Snake III and Snakes Subsonic. The N gage games by Nokia also incorporate exciting snake games in it.  The snake games are so popular that there is hardly any company not having its own snake gaming version.

    Snake games are full of action and are so addictive that you can play them for hours without any streak of monotony. The mobile snake games carry the same basic idea where snake has to collect food and get longer and longer which makes it hard for the snake to avoid all the bricks in the later levels. The 3D snake games we offer take smallest amount of space with astoundingly attractive game play. Our interactive games when played with touch and gravity features adds another level of excitement in it.