Mobile Puzzle Games

    Who doesn’t like to fancy themselves as something of a private eye? Don’t we all love to think that we have the diagnostic skills of Dr. House or the mind reading powers of Patrick Jane? Well, admit it or not, everyone has, at one time in their lives, pretended to be a know-it-all detective who can solve cases with his extreme sense of observation and cunning ability to solve riddles. If you fancy yourself a puzzle solver, Mobile Puzzle Games are for you.

    The mobile gaming industry has come a long way from Snake and Snake II of the Nokia handsets. Even the new Snake game is in 3D graphics and involves sound effects! While older mobile games usually consisted of dots chasing each other around, the advances in mobile phone hardware have made it possible for us to get the best graphics even on our phones. New phones are capable of displaying millions of pixels in their displays and the screens are getting bigger and wider. This means the visual experience is much more enhanced and game developers can incorporate a lot more graphic detail in to the games. The sound quality of games has prospered miles ahead of the .midi sounds we were used to in games before as new mobile devices come with stereo speakers which means we can enjoy crisp sound quality. The hardware designers at the world’s biggest mobile phone companies are working tirelessly to produce the most easy to handle designs so that users can tap away all they want!

    Mobile Puzzle Games are a genre of mobile gaming that is most popular because of the fact that it does not require a lot of processing power and the games are simple to handle. Crime based puzzle solving games display a scene where you are allowed to click on objects to reveal clues that would lead you to solving a mystery and clearing a certain level. A well known game in this genre is Sherlock Holmes, where you get to act as the detective and go solving crimes all over the world. If you want to be enhancing your detective skills while you have a great time, you should have a look through our Mobile Puzzle Games collection and download the one that suits you best!