Mobile Cricket Games

    The game of cricket is one of the oldest and most successful sports in the world. From Australasia to Europe and the Sub-Continent, cricket is played and revered the world over. The game is said to have been invented by the English several centuries ago and it was actually the English who took this sport around the world and made it the phenomenon it is today. Everywhere the English went, they left the game of cricket as a souvenir. Each nation that was ever ruled by the British eventually became a cricket playing nation. Countries like Australia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and India have become some of the top cricket playing nations in the world.

    The game of cricket today has really evolved from when it started. The game actually started out with the format being of just 5 day test matches where teams would battle each other over 5 days and 2 innings to see who came up on top. Other versions of the game reduced the timeframe to lesser days which made it more viable as a fan sport. While initial international cricket matches were mostly played between the teams of Australia and England, the game has now spread all over the world. The 50 over, one-day match really took the status of cricket to another level and it became a very successful spectator sport. The many tournaments and World Cup competitions elevated the game into one of the most popular sports in the world. The T20 format has taken the sport to an even higher level with the whole world interested in this shorter, quicker form of cricket.

    If you are one of the millions of fans of cricket and enjoy playing the game as much as you enjoy watching it, we have a way for you to enjoy the game without moving a muscle! Mobile Cricket Games are a way for you to get all the excitement and entertainment of a cricket match right in your hands. The new developments in technology give us the most realistic cricket experience on our handheld devices. Just have a look through our up-to-date collection of the latest and coolest Mobile Cricket Games and you will be all set to be bowling out your opponents!

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