Mobile Board Games

    Though outdoor games involve physical activity that can fortify you yet indoor games are always a good diversion when you want to kill time. Whether you are with close buddies or thinking of ways to entertain your cousins, Mobile Board Games add a new dimension to fun. The old Board games are certainly engrossing with one losing all track of time and now with exciting Mobile Board Games the fun seems to multiply. Some of these games are Chess Champion, Caramba and Backgammon Lite.

    Chess Champion
    You don't have to be an expert to play Mobile Board Games. With 'Chess Champion' you only have to adjust the difficulty level enabling you to learn and then progress on to the later stages. Beginners can start with tutorial sessions to grasp the rules of the game. If your session is interrupted, you can continue to play the game from where you left it. A chess fan would certainly love the beautiful and engaging graphics. Touchscreens are also offered with mobile phones.

    There is a different approach to mobile games with Caramba. It is a gaming site created solely for your mobile phone. Any mobile phone with a browser (xhtml/wap 2.0) can work for this game. You just have to access with your mobile browser. All the wonderful games will be at your disposal. Five best Mobile Board Games can be yours with Caramba. These are Chess, Sudokus, Four-in-a-row or draughts and have fun!

    Backgammon Lite
    A game that has been around for centuries is Backgammon that has entertained countless people all over the world. There are 24 triangles on a board meant to be played by two people. With the roll of dice, each player has 15 checkers to be shifted as per the roll of the dice. Once you have a Java, MIDP 2.0 mobile phone with data service you can play this game in a new way. Backgammon 3.0 is the game for you which can be downloaded for free.

    Go ahead, install Mobile Board Games and impress your buddies!