K700i Games

    There were days when if you had run out of stuff to watch on the television and your internet wasn’t working, you were pretty much bound to be bored till you could figure something out. With books slowly becoming an outdated way of passing your time, one device came in to save the day. Now when you think you have nothing to do, you always have your mobile phone to look to.

    With rapid advancements in mobile phone technology, our handheld devices have become behemoths of entertainment and usability. One of the avenues of expansion that has really moved forward is the genre of mobile gaming. Mobile gaming has come far from the point of block, 2-bit graphic games and has now moved to being on par with its console based equivalents. All the aspects of gaming that made console gaming the experience it is have been developed and honed to fit the mobile gaming market and features like 3D graphics and stereo sound have all been incorporated into the mobile gaming experience.

    The games we are offering you here are for the hit mobile phone by Sony Ericsson called the K700i. The K700i was one of the pioneers of MP3 technology in mobile phones and also had one of the best screens of its time with 65,000 colors on an LED display. The Bluetooth feature allows for the possibility of networked or shared gaming and the more than adequate memory makes sure that you can cram all your favorite games into your phone. The phone also has the ability to play Java games and applications, giving you the choice of installing one of the many superb Java based games available for this phone.What we have for you here is a selection of free K700i Games that you can pick and choose from before downloading your favorite and most fun games.