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    Mobile phones are not only being used for communication purposes these days, as the majority uses them for personal entertainment as well. This involves the various games installed on the mobile phones that help in passing the time when waiting for someone, or for attention diversion. These mobile games often prove to be a great breather in the frantic daily routine as well. The popularity of mobile games have led to an excess of mobile gamers from different parts of the world, and it is likely to achieve 220 million by this year (2009), while the mobile gaming industry is expected to enlarge to superior levels and make up a bigger portion of the profit pie for the cellular carriers and handset makers.

    The most common platform for mobile games is Java, but it has a few performance restrictions, which have resulted in the acceptance of different native binary formats for more advanced games. Nonetheless, Java Mobile Games still remain the most popular ones with the masses.

    Over the years, many new Java Games have been developed and people from all over the world either download these games from the internet or get them installed via cable, Bluetooth or memory card. The popularity of these mobile games have not only led to the great revenue generation for the cellular carriers, game publishers, and handset makers, but also for generating abundant opportunities for game developers and associated professionals.

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