I Mate Games

I Mate Games

    I Mate is Windows mobile powered device. It initially had a strong tie with HTC and sold branded versions of smartphone, pocket PCs and PPC phones but recently has severed its ties and is associated with other manufacturers including TechFaith and Inventic. Apart from the perfection in basic services it provides, I Mate Games are considered to be a gateway to the world of entertainment.

    Since its inception, I Mate has come up with games that got famous within a short period of introduction in market. The list includes Soul Power, Puzzlec, Rhynn, Switchon , Basketballzone and others. This list is not just it; most of the I Mate Games Pocket PC are shareware. This implies that you can download them for free from our website and play them during the evaluation period. The famous ones include Sea Puzzle, Krakout, Anthill and Fast Swapper, among others.

    We provide updated versions of free I Mate Games that are upgraded with new additions in its features. You can easily take a survey of the best available games on our page and download the compatible ones for your devices. I Mate Games are designed for all types of customers and are categorized on the basis of playing levels. Every proceeding stage comes with a surprise and offers increased challenges for the players which make it irresistible for them to leave it without completing the level. Besides this, the amazing graphics and display doubles the fun experience on the whole.

    So explore the world of entertainment by browsing our wide array of Pocket PC games! Make a choice and download free I Mate Games with just few clicks.