Classic Mobile Games

    A good pastime for the youth nowadays is playing Classic Mobile Games. These are video games played on a smartphone, PDA, handheld computer, portable media player or most importantly on a mobile phone. Video game systems that are synchronized with handheld video game units as Nintendo DS or PlayStation Portable are however not part of it. In 1997, the very first game that was installed on a mobile set was Snake. The installation was done on some chosen Nokia models. People all over the world have gone crazy over Snake and the like games, with more than a billion users playing this game.

    You can enjoy a mobile game with the help of the technologies on the sets. Different technologies are employed for networked games. Some of these are GPRS location identification, MMS and SMS. These Classic Mobile Games can be installed through the mobile operator’s radio network. In other cases, they can also be installed in the mobile handsets at the time of purchase or through memory card, Bluetooth or infrared connection.

    The cell phone was meant to serve a user without a cable carrying an impressive preference over traditional phones. Came the end of 20th century, people’s expectations from the mobile phones increased manifold and they were improved upon. With the innovation of cell phone styled like a “Candy bar”, its characteristics became more significant to the people. In this new kind of cell phone, people’s expectations were fulfilled with the features of cell phone games. Cell phone games have evolved over the period of time with their graphics being the same of a level 4 or 5 generation game console. Due to the fact that cell phone games take up too much space on the memory of cell phones, they have failed to reap much popularity. The good news is that Classic Mobile Games have still captured the hearts and minds of the users who simply spend hours at their sets.