Amoi Games

    Have you been unable to find appropriate Amoi Games? Search no more, Tomasha has an exciting series of Amoi Games stocked for your fine taste. The site has been serving you with music downloads, ringtones, videos, wallpapers, screensavers, and. We are continuing that tradition and have moved one step ahead in serving you with gratis; you can now get the latest games in your handset free of cost. All you got to do to avail this exciting offer by clicking on the download icon and let your computer do the rest.
    You no longer need to go to the busy mobile market and ask the so called mobile expert to manhandle your mobile. Just visit Tomasha and get all that you can ever want to have in your mobile without paying for a single paisa. If it is Amoi Games you want, then Tomasha offers:

    • Black Star
    • Qeep
    • Lubaja
    • Amoi
    • ImaniaIm
    • Maze Pipe Game
    • Zelda
    • Xmax
    • Xtreme Block

    These interesting and intriguing Amoi Games may captivate you for good. For instance, Black Star is such a thrilling star war game where you can leave nothing in the middle and would not even want to do so. Download it and check if you can keep from hitting the “Game Over” mark and survive. If you love solving the puzzles and can make your way out of the mazes, than Pipe Maze game has the power to give you thrilling pleasures of increasing difficult levels. Or you can stay strong headed on the spinning board of Lubaja, check how long you can go. The soldiers of tomorrow can start practice now with Soldier 194 and hit some enemies to hell. All this and more of Amoi Games are available for download now, on the website and gets you what you want.