Nokia 7610 Games

    Mobile games have penetrated the hearts of mobile users around the world. Nokia 7610 Themes are being updated for free regularly in thousands. These themes can be downloaded at just a click of a key. Some of the Nokia 7610 Games that are available for free downloads are:

    Super Mario PlanetYou have come across Mario before, but in one of Super Mario Planet which is Nokia 7610 Games, you will find him taking on really comical explorations. Mario has to travel in an electric network and avoid wasting any second in the process coping with survival techniques against classic enemies. Super Mario decides to pay the big city a tour. Mario comes across electric lines trying to escape from fatality, thus ending playing a game of endurance. The controls of this make are very user friendly.

    Tetris is a highly popular game available for free download on mobile phones. It has grabbed the minds of millions of players around the world due to its awesome appeal. Starting as a plain Russian computer mystery game, several features have been added to it to make it a very sought after game. Its classic mode has been updated with two speedy games, namely Forty Line and Ultra that go well with people who want to enjoy themselves on mobile phones. It has three variants for people who want better fun. Tetris is loved by all people regardless of their age since it involves Soviet Russia aiming to spread its wings to dominate the whole world. The visuals of Tetris including the Tetris brick are an icon of video gaming making it the first choice of game players. It has exciting twists to it that make it challenging and addictive, and earning it a place as a recognized brand in gaming industry.

    Relive your moments by installing Nokia 7610 Games!